The Stream Of Delights


You give them [frail mortals] to drink from the stream of Your delights.

~Psalm 36:8, REB


“Life is not measured by how much you own.”

~Jesus of Nazareth

First of all, I shutter to think of what the ‘quality’ of my quiet time would be without the Psalms. I begin every day with a Psalm and today I borrow a thought from Psalm 36. I declare, as I read this Psalm a few days ago, it was as if I had never read it. I confess that I was reading a new translation but I am still amazed at the depth and freshness of the WORD OF GOD. Literally, I sat in stunned amazement as I saw things in this Psalm that I had never seen before.

God created us with certain needs and one of those needs is water. June and I had to have blood work done last week which meant nothing to eat or drink after mid-night. I had a drink around 11:50 and then retired. Of all days, I woke up at 4:30 and was wide awake. This meant a three and one half hour wait with nothing to eat or drink. My mouth felt as if I had been eating paste. We got our lab work done about 8:30 and I headed straight to Jacks for a giant Diet Doctor Pepper. Just as the body thirst for water or in my case, diet drinks or tea; the soul has a thirst for things that money cannot buy. The soul needs comfort, assurance and peace and our Heavenly Father has a river of delights from which we can drink our fill. When we think stream, we think crystal clear water flowing gently over rocks.

Then I went back over the Psalm and looked at some of the things in the STREAM OF HIS DELIGHTS. Please note: Stream is singular and delights is plural–There is one stream but many delights. In this stream is Agape or unconditional love. Wow! I call it the LOVE FROM ABOVE because it is divine in character and quality. This is illustrated best in the story of Joseph and his outlaw siblings. Joseph was the only son of Jacob’s with character. This boy was as straight as an arrow. He told the truth no matter what and he was hated for doing so. When his lying, thieving, murdering brothers came to Egypt for grain, Joseph knew he had a decision to make. Do I forgive these unworthy scum bums or do I have them impaled on poles. Perhaps for his father’s sake, he made a decision to forgive and with Joseph’s character, that decision was enough. He loved and cared for his brothers for a life time. The day I realized that Joseph was a type of Christ and I was one of the sorry brothers–my life changed dramatically. It put a skip in my step: God loves me unconditionally because of His great character and in spite of my lack thereof. Wow! It may be the most liberating truth that has ever crossed my feeble mind.

There are other things in the stream such as righteousness and faithfulness but I will let you get them out for yourself. This stream is the FOUNTAIN OF LIFE. {Psalm 36:9 REB}

Well the storms have passed they and I canceled our mid-week services for no good reason. I should have double checked and waited awhile before deciding. I had a pneumonia and flu shot on Tuesday and I didn’t feel well early but by last night I was fine. Do you believe it: they are giving snow for tomorrow and it has been 70 degrees all week.

Trying to prepare for JBS at Sardis Springs: I begin Sunday night at 5:00. PTL for the Senate and our President’s confirmation.

I had a thought yesterday: Kansas City won the Super Bowl but imagine if you will a group of reporters who hate Andy Reed and the Chiefs. Every day this week they’ve been talking about the San Frans win and the Chief’s loss. If that actually happened, we would declare the reporters as being nuts. This is exactly what the demoncrats and the liberal media have been screaming for the pass three years–Trump didn’t win, Trump didn’t win. Look at the score board: He won!

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