Trends And Fashions


The highway to hell is broad, and its gate is wide for the many who choose that way.

~Matthew 7:13, NLT


The narrow gate is more difficult but ultimately, it leads to joy and peace.

~Billy Graham

The advertising world plays on trends and fashions; as a matter of fact, they try to create them by getting you to believe that everyone is buying or using their product. If Nick Saban drives a ford truck; shouldn’t you drive a ford truck. In my opinion, trends and fashions are stupid. I saw my grand girls wearing their shirts half tucked in and I told them, “your shirt tail is out.” They said, “Granddaddy, this is the trend, everyone is doing it.” First of all, not everyone is doing it. I don’t do it; matter of fact, I think it is tacky. We have this idea that if everyone else is doing it, that makes it good. As mother use to tell one of my baby sisters, “If everyone else jumps off a cliff, are you going to jump with them?” I don’t care what the trends are; I am wearing what I want and that is baggy britches if I can find them and bell bottom shirts. My first interest is to cover my ugly body and my second is to be comfortable and I really don’t care what people think. I don’t waste precious time standing in front of a mirror spraying my hair and looking at my attire. As Vance Havner said, “If we prayed as much as the sprayed, we would have revival.”

Here is the bad thing: people are trendy when it comes to spiritual matters. Most of the world is ignoring Jesus. There are millions of casual admirers but very few followers. Instead of following Jesus, we are following the world. We are going with the flow, with the traffic because it terrifies us to be different. You will never be yourself if you are afraid of being different. I wanted to be popular when I was young but I wasn’t. Something clicked in me during my second year in college. I came to the conclusion that it would be far better for me to be myself than to try to be liked by others. I decided to give them the real Jack and they could take it or leave it. I’ve been celebrating my uniqueness since. I feel pity for those who are attempting to be someone else just to please the crowd. Be yourself for Pete’s sake. Perhaps you fear that no one would like the real you. Rodney Dangerfield’s son had this huge inferiority complex and he came to his father and said, “Dad, no one likes me.” Rodney said, “Shut up boy, not everyone has met you.” He said, “Dad, I am afraid I have an inferiority complex.” Rodney said, “Stop worrying boy, you don’t have a complex you are just inferior.” I don’t want to be as brutal as Rodney but I am telling you, stop worrying about your popularity. Jesus loves you and that is all you need to discover and be your real self.


Praise the LORD for a good service last night. Josh preached and we had one POF. It was one of the young people who had attended the REVIVE NOW RALLY. Josh is gifted in evangelism and that is good to know because I am not. Boy I enjoyed the cooler temps yesterday. My work truck {Squeak} does not have A/C but yesterday was fine. Worked in the dust late and my eyes were swollen shut this am. May some rain will help settle the dust.

Continue to pray for Joyce Chaney and family; Gregg and Traci and my sister Holly. God bless you! Have a great day and thanks for reading the blog.

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