Two Great Truths


 I have been crucified with Christ, and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me. And the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me.

~Galatians 2:20, LSB


God will fulfill his ultimate purpose for creation and man, and He will do it through His Son.

~Daniel Juster

Daniel Juster is a Messianic Jew and a scholar. He says, “Biblical faith is centered on two great truths. The first is that God will fulfill His ultimate purpose for His creation and for man’s destiny within that creation. The second is that the CROSS {atonement} is the key to the fulfillment of His purpose.” I really like this statement. I have not had time to fully analyze what he said but to this point I see nothing wrong with his conclusion. But what he says next is what I really like and I have tried to state this principle many times but I don’t think I have done it as well as Daniel. Daniel says, “Human evil is characterized by selfishness. In our selfishness, we wound or hurt others. Then wounded people hurt others.” In this process, we break God’s commandments: loving Him with all our heart and our neighbor as ourselves. It’s like the man who leaves his wife and children for another woman. Who is he thinking about? Certainly not his wife or his children. He has put his happiness first. What he wants is more important than what they need. He may not be a terrible person but he is a selfish person and his selfishness has caused a lot of hurt. Daniel says this act of selfishness sets off a chain reaction. Those who were hurt by the selfishness {wife and children} may experience bitterness from the injustice of the situation and they may even develop a victims complex. Those who do the hurting feel guilt and shame. They may repress it but it is there. They become angry, resentful and ungrateful.

God’s wonderful solution to both the pain of the injustice and the guilt from being the offender is in the crucifixion of Jesus. In Christ and His atoning death we find forgiveness for the hurt we have done to others. But also in Christ, those who were the victims, find peace and are able to forgive those who have sinned against them. Let me give you a perfect example: many of you have heard me tell the story of Corrie ten Boom. She spent several months in a Nazi concentration camp where she and the others were horribly mistreated by the German guards. After the war, Corrie became a popular speaker in churches all over Europe and America. She was speaking one night when she recognized one of the German guards in the congregation. It took her breath for a moment as the horrors of that camp flooded her mind. She began to pray silently as she was speaking, “LORD, what will I do if that man approaches me?” After the service he did approach and ask for forgiveness. Corrie did not extend the hand of Christian fellowship immediately; it was a struggle but that night she learned to give her hurt and pain to Jesus so He could crucify it {which of course, He had already done}. She visualized her pain and suffering as a rose and she took the rose and laid it at Jesus feet. Jesus took the bitterness and gave Corrie sweet peace and love. It was a good exchange, don’t you think.

Let me be honest and practical: everyone gets hurt at some point or time in life. You can’t live life on this sin cursed planet without getting some bumps and bruises. The hurt, pain and the disappointment is going to happen. The key to victory is in our response. The thing we must keep in mind is that no one has suffered more hurt or pain than Jesus and HIS suffering was caused by our sin. C.S. Lewis said, “Those who do not think about their own sins, make up for it by thinking constantly of the sins of others.” Focusing on the sins of others, while ignoring our own leads to either self-righteousness or bitterness. I don’t like either option.


PTL for the warmer weather. The killing frost did some damage to the weaker plants but our rye grass is looking April green. Josie has a soccer game tonight and we want have to bundle up, hallelijah! I hope you have a great Thursday and thanks so much for reading the blog.

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