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“Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man.”

~Luke 21:36, NIV


Hold yourselves accountable before you are held accountable.

~Omar Vizquel


bro-jack-at-christmasYou change a baby’s diaper and clean them up because they are not mature enough to be held accountable but as they mature into children, you have to teach them to be accountable for the mess they make. June doesn’t allow the grandkids to leave until they have put their toys in the right place. Sometimes they protest and that’s when the fly swatter comes out.

I may be wrong but I think we have more irresponsible adults living on planet earth now than ever before. No one can learn from their mistakes until they take ownership of the mistakes they are making. We must take responsibility for our mistakes: otherwise, there will be no progress. Before you have sex with someone, be prepared to be a parent. When children come, it is your responsiblity. You did this so man up and take responsibility. They are going to need food, clothing, medical attention, education and spiritual nurture and it is your responsibility, not your spouse nor your parents, nor your in-laws.

Accountability is a huge issue that millions are ignoring. Practically every election is the US is a choice between the lesser of evils and we will be held accountable for supporting the greater evil. Abortion may not be important to you but it is to the unborn and it is very important to God. Jesus is coming back to this world to hold it accountabilty and YOU will stand before HIM, or you will cower before Him with your face in the dust. You will not be able to pretend that He’s not before you and you will not be able to run or hide. YOU will personally give an account to Jesus.

In light of this truth, who are you living for? Who did you try to please yesterday? I love no one like I love Jesus and I fear no one like I fear HIM. You can bet your last dollar that my greatest concern is giving a personal account to HIM for the life I have lived. The ability to stand, to face an opponent or a supervisor is integrity. Your courage comes from your integrity. Again, I ask, are you going to be able to stand before the Perfect One? Remember, lies will be ineffective with He who sees the heart and knows our every deed. So understand clearly, YOU ARE GOING TO GIVE AN ACCOUNT TO HIM  for your personal behavior, and the best way to prepare for this encounter is to come clean, confess your sin and become a person of integrity.

Be Wise, you are going to suffer one way or the other: either discipline yourself now and take ownership of you sin and weakness or suffer the pain of regret for not doing so when Jesus comes. Trust me, You do not want to hear Him say, “Get out of my sight, you wicked, worthless, lying servant, I want nothing to do with you.”



Kenny Evans
Kenny Evans

Everything is looking good for Block Party 17. Things have come together beautifully this year. It is probably a tribute to Mandy’s organizational skills and the grace of God. Everyone has been so nice and all of our sponsors were volunteers. We do no soliciting for the Block Party which pleases me greatly. I am going to miss two of our most faithful BLOCK PARTY attenders this year: Charles Randolph and Tom Bennich. Both loved the Block Party.

Our great niece Kailey Greer was in a bad wreck last night in Ardmore. She is in Vanderbilt Hospital. I think Joe David and Holly are going up and the rest will stay a work the BLOCK PARTY. Lord willing, I will go tomorrow after church. Kailey is a sweet girl, about 15, she loves children. She is great in the nursery or pre-school. We are very concerned.

Oops! It's Block Party Time!!!
Oops! It’s Block Party Time!!!



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