What Do You Have?


We own nothing, and yet we have everything.

~2 Corinthians 6:10, NLT


Having is an illusion.


In the Old Testament {Hebrew scripture} there is no verb for ‘to have. In Hebrew, there is no real or exact way to say, “I have something.” You may find the word ‘have’ in translations but not in the Hebrew language. The truth is–we don’t have anything and what we think we have; we are not going to keep and if we can’t keep it, do we really have it? Paul told young Timothy, “It is a fact, we came into this world with nothing and we will depart with nothing.” We are stewards of some things that God has entrusted to us but they belong to HIM, not us. Personal ownership is an illusion. Everything belongs to God. The breath in your lungs is His. Your abilities and even your body is His. When people think they have what they don’t have, they live in conflict with the truth. Many of them are filled with anxiety over their illusory possessions. Why should you worry about God’s money or real estate.

Paul had learned the secret of contentment and it was all bound up in the PRINCIPLE of Divine Ownership. Paul said, “I owe nothing and yet I have everything.” How is this possible? Paul realized that he owned nothing in this world but he did have Jesus and Jesus is everything. The devil couldn’t do business with Paul. If the devil threatened to take something from Paul, Paul’s response was, “I don’t have anything.” If the devil promised to give Paul something, Paul’s response was, “I don’t need anything. I have everything I need in Christ.” Understanding divine ownership helps alleviate anxiety and worry. Don’t you think God is capable of managing His wealth? Why should you worry about something that doesn’t belong to you?

Pastor George W. Truett was visiting a rich oil baron who lived in West Texas. The man was proud of his wealth and had a hard time talking about anything else. He took Dr. Truett up into his tower: from that vantage point, one could see for miles. He pointed to the South and said, “As for as you can see, those oil wells are mine and those livestock you see in the pasture are mine.” He proceeded to point in all directions and make the same boast. He thought he had made a huge impression on Truett and so he said, “Preacher, what do you think about that?” Truett pointed to the heavens and said, “How much do you own up there?”


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