Whole Burnt Offering


Bulls or rams or goats are the animals to be used for these sacrifices. If the animal is a bull, it must not have anything wrong with it. Lead it to the entrance of the sacred TENT, and I will let you know if it is acceptable to Me.

~Leviticus 1:3, CEV


Jesus is the Alpha and Omega and everything in between.


A great deal of Leviticus is about the offerings, the priest and the Levites in general. Leviticus is also a book of laws. Chapter one begins with the “Whole Burnt Offering.” The whole burnt offering is one where the flesh of the animal is totally consumed by fire. There is nothing left except ashes. What the animal was is obliterated by fire. This is why I pray continually, “Father, let the fire fall and consume everything in me that is not like Jesus.” You’re probably thinking, “That would be all of you,” and you are right. What I had not seen before was the responsibility of the worshiper. Remember this is Old Testament and I am a laymen, not a priest. To worship or make this offering, I would select the animal, tie a rope around it’s neck and lead it to the sacred Tent. I would lead the animal right up to the front door or gate. Right inside the gate is the bronze altar and standing between me and the altar is a priest [descendant of Aaron]. I hand the rope {animal} to the priest and I back away. My responsibility is fulfilled. The priest takes the animal and examines it head to foot. If it passes inspection, he begins the proceeding in my behalf but I am not allowed to take part: only the priest can do this. I surrendered the animal and from that point it is pure grace: the priest will do the rest.

Do you see Jesus? He is in Leviticus chapter one. Yes, He is the priest, the one who examines and presents the sacrifice to God. Wow! We bring our sin to Jesus and He takes it and takes care of it. Our sin goes up in smoke, it is totally obliterated. Hallelujah, what a Savior! Leviticus is not boring if you see Jesus. BUT I’m just getting started: Jesus is not only the priest, He is the sacrifice, the only sacrifice that could ever be acceptable to our holy Father. Double WOW: as Myless would say, “O My goodness.” BUT, there is more: Jesus is the Sacred Tent, the Tabernacle. David’s desire was to spend his life in the Tent which means he wanted to abide in Christ. When David told God he would build Him a house, God tried to help him understand that a house was not necessary, the TENT will do. Unfortunately David and the Jews as a whole missed this truth but the prophets understood what I’m saying: JESUS IS THE SACRED TENT. BUT, He is also the Altar, the place where we deal with sin. The blood applied to the altar is HIS BLOOD. So Jesus is everything! One more thing and I close: I’ve only scratched the surface of Leviticus chapter one.

I picked up my devotional this morning and the first thing I see…LORD, I love the house where You live, the place where Your glory lives.” Where is this house? Jesus is the house [tent] where God and His glory dwells.” It is enough to make Methodist shout! When I read this, I went back and pulled p this bog that I wrote a few days ago. Have a great day.

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