Woes And Foes


Lord, how many are my foes! How many rise up against me! Many are saying of me, “God will not deliver him.”

~Psalm 3:1-2, NIV


Repentance is good for all–Every person needs a change of heart and attitude from time to time. When Jesus changes us, He always begins with the heart.

~Stuart K. Weber

Most scholars believe David wrote this Psalm when fleeing from Absalom. David was super-gifted: he did many things well. Actually ‘well’ is too weak to describe David’s achievements: what he did was extraordinaire. He was an excellent musician, a brilliant military strategist, an exceptional leader, a renown poet, a fantastic administrator and a prominent theologian, BUT he was a lousy parent. As I have said through the years, “David spent too much time and the White House and not enough at his own house.” Like most men, David was task-oriented, goal-focused and mission-driven. His key interest was completing the next project on his agenda. He was so focused on getting the job done that he ignored the relational nuances involved in his life. Rather than mentor and spend time with his children, he gave them things including their way. David never disciplined his children. Amnon rapes his sister Tamar, which makes her David’s daughter and David does nothing. Absalom is outraged at his father passivity and he murders Amnon which was overkill. A simple castration would have been sufficient. Then David doesn’t do anything to Absalom other than shun him. There is no question that Absalom is angry with his father concerning this neglect. Children need a firm hand from time to time and giving a child his or her way only creates a tyrant. So years later, after Absalom’s resentment has festered to the point of eruption, the angry son chases his father out of town and was intent on taking his father’s life. Absalom was not content with David’s job or his harem: he wanted his head.

Now David is fleeing for his life and he realizes that his relationship to his son, nor his acclaim as the king of Israel is any comfort. Absalom does not care that David is his father and he does not respect his title as king. As David has done so often in the past, he turns to the LORD who is the only One who can save him, sustain him and protect him. David has a troubled mind and heart, as would any parent who’s on flesh and blood was seeking their life but once he reaffirms his faith and confidence in the LORD, David’s confidence is revived and he has peace to lie down and sleep knowing that the LORD will sustain him. I looked up the word ‘sustain’ and it means to strengthen and support physically and mentally. Sometimes you and I face storms of our own making. Fortunately, we can repent of our error and reaffirm our faith in Christ who is our High Protector and our only Hope of glory. He and He alone can sustain us.

GOLDEN GIRLS this morning at 9:30 and remember DBC folks, I will be preaching Sunday evening at 5:00. Sermon on the Mount on Sunday morning; finishing 2 Peter at DBC on Sunday evenings and in Psalms on Wednesday night. Thanks for reading the blog and I hope you have a great weekend.

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