Promise Keepers



“Both you and your wives have made solemn promises to the Queen of Heaven. You promised that you would offer sacrifices to her and pour out wine offerings to her, and you have kept your promises. Very well, then! Keep your promises! Carry out your vows!

~Jeremiah 44:24, GNT


Every human has four endowments: self awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom…the power to choose, to respond, to change.

~Stephen Covey


bro-jack-at-christmasJoseph Stalin believed in only one thing, the power of the human will. I believe, yea I know that God endowed us with our will, it is a gift but it is a gift that can be abused or misused. The Jews who beligerently went to Egypt although Jeremiah was telling them to stay in Judah, were sacrificing to the Queen of Heaven. The Queen was a goddess shared by both Eygpt and Canaan; it was just another pagan fertility cult. The Jewish women were deeply enslaved to this cult and the men approved. They were worshipping the Queen in secret while in the Promise Land but when they got to Egypt, they began the practice openly. Jeremiah had a holy fit but this is what the women said, We will not listen to you or your messages from the LORD. We will do everything that we said we would. We made a vow {promise} to the Queen of heaven and we will keep it. We will pour out wine to her just as we did in Jerusalem. Then we will have plenty of food, we will prosper and have no problems.”

Jeremiah’s response to both men and women: “This present disaster has come on you because you offered sacrifices to other gods and sinned against the LORD by not obeying all His commands. Very well then, keep your promises, carry out your vows but hear what the LORD says: ‘Never again are you to use My name {no prayers, no swears}. I will see to it that you do not prosper. I will destroy you; all of you except a tiny few that I will use as witnesses, will die in this land by starvation, war and disease. You will not see Judah again and that’s a promise I will keep.'” {Jeremiah 44:11-14, 27-29 paraphrase or JEV}

Just for thought: who is most likely to keep their promise, mere humans like us or Yahweh the Eternal One? I’ll put my faith in Jesus, the ultimate PROMISE KEEPER. I don’t trust mere humans, especially democrats. Actually, I don’t trust Republicans either.

Who’s will is greater, our puny human will [a gift from God] or God’s will? I think you know the answer. I pray for HIS will to be done and it is a prayer that will be answered because Jesus also prayed this…THY KINGDOM COME, THY WILL BE DONE.

My advice: you can persist in having your way but it will lead to your destruction. Repent of your ways and yield to Christ and you will be eternally grateful and happy.

Dr. Junior Hill at DBC August 21 @10:15 am
Dr. Junior Hill at DBC August 21 @10:15 am
  • BLOCK PARTY WEEK  begins Tonight!!!!!!
    • Wednesday night @ 6:00 with Pizza and cokes and then a community door to door blitz.
    • Thursday night @ 6:00–Fencing and GRACE BARN
    • Friday–work day from 8:00-8:00
    • Saturday morning 8:00-12:00 “Finishing Touches”.  Cooking begins at 3:00 and wrapping at 3:30 with TEAM MEETING @ 5:00 in sanctuary. Three door prizes for workers this year. Register and win at Team Meeting. {Two $50 gift certificates and one TV} Hey, I will make a deal with you. If there is an outcry among workers, I will swap the ORCA Cooler for the TV. In other words, the little TV would be given out on stage and a worker would win the ORCA. Everyone is eligible to win the door prizes except yours truly. Mandy, Joe David, June or any of my children can win if their name comes out of the hat.
    • BLOCK PARTY gates open at 6:00 and close with FIREWORKS.
  • BLOCK PARTY SUNDAY [August 14]
    • Fellowship @9:00 in Parlor with Donuts, Biscuits, juice and coffee.
    • TOWN MEETING in Sanctuary at 9:30 with SEARCH TEAM
    • Baptism at 10:15
    • Offering, Birthdays, and Fellowship
    • Kenny Evans
    • A Sabbath for the weary
    • New BLOCK PARTY T-Shirt record–233 and standing.
    • Official BLOCK PARTY Station is 105.7 FM
    • Looking ahead: August 20th {Saturday night}, AWANA KICKOFF at the Hartselle City pool: 8:00-10:00 with Halsey Hamburgers. August 21st @ 6:15, TEAM GUATEMALA Report in the Sanctuary.
  • Good News on our Retirement Roast: Junior Hill has agreed to be our front liner, he will lead things off. If Eddie is in town, he will MC, if not Joe David will. Some of the Roasters are Teddy Turrentine, Tim Keenum, Jason Bowling, Jerry Newby and others. We may give old Gregg a shot, it does pretty good on the coffee. All the above are committed. I talked to Junior, Jerry and Tim yesterday.
Waiting for the BLOCK PARTY!
Waiting for the BLOCK PARTY!


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