Knowing God


This is eternal life: to know YOU the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom YOU have sent.

~John 17:3, REB


The Bible is the primary means by which God presents Himself to us.

~Timothy Keller

The awesome God we worship is enshrouded in mystery and we creatures of clay would know nothing about Him apart from His self revelation. We have four basic means of revelation: [1] Creation {Visual} [2] Conscience {Intuitive} [3] The Bible {Inspired written word} and [4] Jesus the Logos or Word incarnate. Of these four JESUS is the greatest revelation. He told Philip, “If you have seen Me, you have seen the Father because I and the Father are one.” Since you or I did not live during the incarnation and did not see or hear Jesus in person, the bible is our primary source of revelation because it contains the gospel revelation of Christ, His word and works. Jesus was the mind of God incarnated…the divine word becoming flesh. Jesus was a full expression of the mind of God. So we have two forms of the word: [1] The incarnate Word {Jesus} and [2] The written word {bible}.

If your desire is to know God, get in the word. You will not know the TRUE GOD apart from His word. Our present culture is filled with religions and gods but they are all false. The difference between religion and Christianity is that all religions have a “created god,” similar to an idol, the gods the pagans made in their workshops. All these false gods like Buddha and Allah were created in the minds of men: they originated from the vain imagination of fallen humanity. This is what makes them appealing or attractive. Man always creates a god that brings himself pleasure. The One True God created us for His pleasure. For example: if you are a sexual deviant, you will create a god that condones or promotes sexual deviancy. Don’t laugh, this is exactly what the Canaanites did: Baal, Molech and Chemosh were all fertility gods who condoned sexual promiscuity. Lewd and deviant sexual acts were a part of the worship. To add to the horror, they sacrificed little babies.

The humanistic god of this age is not a lot different. First of all, they reject the bible as the inspired word of God. It makes them angry when we use that bible as a source of authority. These folks think they are far beyond the bible in terms of knowledge and morality. I love the bible even though it works like a surgeon’s scalpel and lays me open so that I can see my own sin and corruption. The same book that reveals me to me also reveals God’s love for me. If you want to God or yourself: get in the word.

Its a little chilly but I aint complaining: it beats the 100 degree heat.

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