“Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”

~Luke 20:25, NKJV


There are three things you don’t talk about: race, religion and politics. I try never to talk about politics.

~Robert Griffin, III

I was 25 before I voted which reveals my lack of political interest. Then to make bad matters worse, I voted for Jimmy Carter because he was from the South and he claimed to be a Southern Baptist. He may be southern but he is no Baptist. When I moved to Danville in 1979, I had never voted for a Republican in my life and didn’t know one party from the other. Jimmy Stephenson enlightened me more than anyone else. He pointed out the fact that public education had misinformed me about the nature of our country. When I found out that I had been taught a lie, it upset me. But the real motivator for me was ABORTION. I became avidly pro-life and I have been what they call a “single issue” voter since. Obviously you can not be pro-life and vote for a democrat. I have been heavily criticized for my political views. You need to understand: I am a republican in principle because we live in a REPUBLIC and I want it to be maintained. I do not want a democracy. That said, “I loath the republican party.” They are weak and spineless. Richard Shelby is republican in name only but he is not alone. Whereas I am criticized for making such statements, it is OK for everyone else to be involved in politics. It is only wrong if preachers and churches speak out.

Let me tell you the obvious. The Corporate world has been Politicized. I am talking about big business, not small business. Wal-Mart is just another arm of the democratic party and so is G.E. and many others. This politicization has even infiltrated and consumed professional sports. The NFL is an arm, an extension of the democratic party. Tim Tebow was good enough to play in the NFL but he was vocal about his love for Jesus and they would not tolerate such bold adoration for our Savior. Their recent decision to prohibit players from attending church is no shock. Allowing player to disrespect the flag is no shock. I thought baseball had more integrity and sense and I was wrong. Even baseball has bowed to the god of political correctness. Millions of young Americans play video sports but now the makers of these video’s are promoting gays. To be politically correct you can not say that abortion is murder or that gays are sexual perverts and yet both are true. Political correctness has no alignment to scripture; matter of fact, it is the polar opposite.

Therefore, if I stand in the pulpit or say on the blog that ABORTION IS MURDER and GAYS HAVE PERVERTED SEX, I am being political and I should cease and desist. But it is OK for Wal-Mart, the NFL, and all the federal agencies to declare their hate for our President and there love for political correctness {immorality}.

What is causing this great nation so much harm right this moment? It is the politicization of federal institutions and agencies. The HEALTH DEPARTMENT is filled with democrats and Trump haters. This explains their asinine decisions. They are not thinking about the welfare of the American people {which is their job}, they are intent on derailing Donald Trump. The same thing is true with the DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION. This group is all but destroying public education. Do you realize what they are putting on teachers this school year. It will be a train wreck. We will have good teachers retiring right and left, just like policemen in NY city. Are the guru’s of education thinking about our children and our teachers? NO, heck no! They are conspiring with all the rest of the federal agencies to destroy Trump and establish political correctness as the law of the land.

One more thing: what has happened to the SUPREME {no so} COURT? I am glad you ask, they too have been politicized. John Roberts wife is an avowed Trump hater. Do you thing he and the four dyed in the wool democrats are going to be objective about anything. No jurist should have a political history. They should be avid students of the constitution and show no loyalty to a political party. Nixon was the first to realize what the democrats had done. The democrats are more tenacious than the Republicans who are passive to say the least. Johnson and Kennedy politicized all our federal agencies. They did not appoint the most qualified, they appointed only democrats who were committed to the democratic agenda. Nixon tried to pull the plug and you know what they did to him and you know what a big part the media played in his demise. What you better understand is that even the nightly news is politicized. Honestly, and I am including FOX, no major news outlet is objective and NBC, ABC, and CBS are propaganda machines for the democratic party.

If you read my blog, it means one of three things: you love Jesus and the unborn; you are highly intelligent and you know not to trust the media or you are a nit-picky pharisee and you are looking for mistakes or something to criticize. I believe that 99% of my readers are in the top two.

God Bless you, hope you have a great weekend and I hope we get some rain here at 1120 Iron Man. The other side of the county got two or three good rains this week. Our corn patch needs a rain.

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