Sincere Insincerity



“Pray that the LORD your God will show us what to do and where to go.”

~Jeremiah 42:3, NLT


The greatest enemy of integrity is insincerity.



A Jack 4Some people are hated for being real while others are adored for being fake; doesn’t make sense, does it? Jeremiah the prophet was one of those Nebuchanezzar allowed to stay in the land under a provincial government set up by the Babylonians. Jews are hard to rule and as soon as Nebuchanezzar was out of sight,  a radical group assissinated Nebuchanezzar’s appointed governor. This sent terror through the Jewish community and they came to Jeremiah begging him to pray for them. “Pray that the LORD your God will show us what to do and where to go.” Jeremiah said, “I will pray but you will not obey.” The people responded, “Yes we will, we will obey the LORD whether it pleases us or not. We know that all will go well for us if we obey the LORD.”

Jeremiah prayed for ten days and then the LORD gave him an answer: “Tell the people to stay where they are and I will take care of Nebuchanezzar. Tell them not to go to Egypt. If they go to Egypt, I will send Nebuchanezzar to get them and they will die of war, starvation or sickness. What ever they do, they must not go to Egypt.” Jeremiah told them what the LORD said and they said to Jeremiah, “You are lying, the LORD did not say that,” and they packed their bags and headed to Egypt. To make bad matters worse, they forced the ones who didn’t want to go to Egypt to go anyway. No one in this group saw the promise land again including Jeremiah and Baruch.

Why did the Jews go through all the motions of seeking the LORD’s will when deep inside they knew all along they would do what they thought was best no matter what God said. The human will is a force to be reckoned with. Seven hundred thousand American’s died in the most unnecessary war in history, all because of one stubborn fool who was determined to have his way. Look at the mess we have today and then tell me the civil war was worth the lives of 700,000 young men, some in their early teens. Add to that the civilian causalties and destruction of property and all of this to please one man.

Revival Service

August 21

Dr. Junior Hill at DBC August 21 @10:15 am
Dr. Junior Hill at DBC August 21 @10:15 am
  • BLOCK PARTY WEEK  begins Wednesday night
    • Wednesday night @ 6:00 with Pizza and cokes and then a community door to door blitz. 
    • Thursday night @ 6:00–Fencing and GRACE BARN
    • Fridaywork day from 8:00-8:00
    • Saturday morning 8:00-12:00 “Finishing Touches”.  Cooking begins at 3:00 and wrapping at 3:30 with TEAM MEETING @ 5:00 in sanctuary. Three door prizes for workers this year. Register and win at Team Meeting. {Two $50 gift certificates and one TV} Hey, I will make a deal with you. If there is an outcry among workers, I will swap the Yeti Cooler for the TV. In other words, the little TV would be given out on stage and a worker would win the Yeti.
    • BLOCK PARTY gates open at 6:00 and close with FIREWORKS.
  • BLOCK PARTY SUNDAY [August 14]
    • Fellowship @9:00 in Parlor with Donuts, Biscuits, juice and coffee.
    • TOWN MEETING in Sanctuary at 9:30 with SEARCH TEAM
    • Baptism at 10:15
    • Offering, Birthdays, and Fellowship
    • Kenny Evans
    • A Sabbath for the weary
    • New BLOCK PARTY T-Shirt record–233 and standing.
    • Official BLOCK PARTY Station is 105.7 FM
    • Looking ahead: August 20th {Saturday night}, AWANA KICKOFF at the Hartselle City pool: 8:00-10:00 with Halsey Hamburgers. August 21st @ 6:15, TEAM GUATEMALA Report in the Sanctuary.
  • Good News on our Retirement Roast: Junior Hill has agreed to be our front liner, he will lead things off. If Eddie is in town, he will MC, if not Joe David will. Some of the Roasters are Teddy Turrentine, Tim Keenum, Jason Bowling, Jerry Newby and others. We may give old Gregg a shot, it does pretty good on the coffee.

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