Sin Stinks



My wounds are ugly. They stink. I’ve been foolish. I have sinned.

~Psalms 38:5, NIrV


Guilt is to the spirit what pain is to the body.

~Image Quotes


The essence of sin is selfishness that leads to rebellion: we want things our way. Isaiah describes our condition well in chapter 53, “All of us are like sheep who wander away from the Shepherd {Jesus}. Each of us has turned to our own way.” Jack Taylor said it like this: “We want what we want when we want it, and we will show out if necessary to get it.”

A Jack 4When you sit down prayerfully and give it lots of thought you begin to understand–SIN is not what it is cracked up to be, the devil is the ultimate con-artist, sin is not that great. Whereas sin may give you a moment of pleasure, it also gives you years of sorrow and misery. One of the many by-products of sin is ‘guilt.’ I hate guilt, it makes me feel miserable. David said, “My guilt is too much for me; it is a load to heavy to carry.” Guilt weights us down, like ice on the wings of a jet, it collects, builds up until it takes us down. David said, “I am bent over, my sin has brought me low.”

The devil does his best to convince us that sin is what we really want. He wants us to view God as being too restrictive, too prohibitive and the author of misery. We have to remember that Satan is liar, and a very good one. David understood: only God knows what we really want and what it takes to satisfy our deepest longing. I dream of things I think would make me happy but even my dreams are tainted by my sinful nature. The truth is–only God knows what I really long for, only He knows what it would take to satisfy me and He is working on that as we speak.

My job is to walk by faith, do what is right and wait on the LORD to give me the desires of my heart. Sarah and Abraham got tired of waiting on the LORD, they gave in to their fleshly nature and the world is in turmoil today because of it. Wait on the LORD, trust HIS word and be patient.



November 6-9 with Wade Morris



  • Another great LORD’s day Sunday. We were closed here at the office yesterday so today is like Monday for us. We were down in attendance but that is due to the school system and the FALL BREAK. Anytime that let school out, the worldlins head for the beaches, lakes, and camp grounds. You would think, with our national crisis, we would all be in a house of worship at an altar begging for mercy but this is not the case. I have a feeling we will be sorry within the next four years. I sure hope I am wrong. We did have a great budget offering and it couldn’t have come at a better time. We also had the two additions.
  • Joe David took the grands to Desoto State Park yesterday for a hike and they are in a drought also. I thought they got some rain a few weeks ago but evidently not. They said on the Weather Channel this morning that Chattanogga is worse than we are here in North Alabama. I drove to Nashville yesterday and it was brown well into the state but it did green up a little by the time I got to Nashville.
  • OCTOBER is flying by and we have some big events that are going to be on us soon: We host the MBA annual meeting on Monday night October 24th. Holly has a sign up sheet at the WELCOME CENTER if you would like to help us with supper. October 26 is our FALL STEW [5:30-7:00] with hayrides for the kids. TRUNK-A-TREAT is October 30th 5:00-6:30. We have 37 venders signed up, just three shy of my goal. You can help us out by bringing candy. One of our men gave June $40 Sunday night to buy candy. She is a shopper and she will get the candy if you want to contribute.
  • Chief Wahoo!
    Chief Wahoo!

    NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD. I am a Cleveland Indian fan. I guess the only two things that I have not given up is the Indians and the Tide. I probably need to give them up. I did not give the Indians a chance against Boston in the playoffs and decided I would not even watch the massacre. I was outside working and June told me, the Indians are ahead so I watched the last 3 innings. The same thing happened the next day and the Indians won a second game. They faced and defeated the two best pictures in the American League. Last night they clinched in Boston, a hard place to win. I don’t think they can beat Tronto but I didn’t think that had a prayer against Boston so who knows. I have a bad feeling about this upcoming Tennessee game. I am not watching. June said last night, “What if the Cubs and Indians both make it to the World Series?” The Cubs have not won the world series since 1908 and Cleveland since 1948, a year before my birth. June said, “If those two make it, one of the two streaks will have to be broken.” She also said, “If the Indians make it to the series, we are going.” I was forced to rain on her parade, tickets to the game would be $1,000, plus air fair and hotel. I will be content to watch it on TV but I am not worried about that–we need one more miracle first. I am pulling for the Believeland Indians.

  • FALL in Germany…
Beautiful Slide, German Alps in the background
Heidelberg on the Rhine

Castle in the Alps
Castle On A Rock
Creek In The Forest

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