The Branch


Like a Branch that spouts from a stump, someone from David’s family will someday be King.

~Isaiah 11:1, CEV


There are two things that cannot be explained by those who do not believe: the fulfillment of prophecy and the existence of Israel.

A king once asked one of his subjects, “Can you give me one good reason to believe in God?” The subject said, “The Jews sire, the Jews.” Hitler was not the only dictator who hated Jews. Stalin murdered almost twice as many as Hitler. The Jews have always been a hated people. Perhaps the reason God choose them to begin with was to show the depth of His grace. They are not lovable people. Doug’s brother said God made the obnoxious so no one would intermarry with them. Bigger and stronger nations have vowed to whip them out but no one has succeeded and no one will. Not only has God saved them from annihilation, He is going to make them the leading nation on earth. The good news, if I understand correctly, is the Jesus will be King when this happens. The preservation of the Jews is a phenomenon but so is prophecy. Eight hundred years before Christ, Isaiah painted a beautiful portrait of Christ as a Branch from the root of Jesse. You find this in Isaiah chapter eleven.

[1] The Spirit of God will be upon Him and He will have extraordinary wisdom and understanding. [2] He will be powerful. [3] He will honor the LORD. [4] His greatest joy will be obedience to the father. [5] He will not judge people by their appearance. [6] He will be fair and just. [7] His word will be law. In the second part of the prophecy, Isaiah talks about a age of peace ushered in and governed by the Branch. If you have read the NT, you know that Jesus fulfilled every single prophecy. Isaiah 53 is such a graphic picture of Christ and His suffering that the Jews refuse to read it or so I have been told. Psalm 22 is another phenomenal passage. Some have tried to explain these passages by saying that Jesus studied them and then acted them out but others have done the math and a person would have to be perfect to pull off such a feat. No mere human could do such a thing. Let’s face it, these prophecies and there fulfillment are incredible and it takes a bit of faith to see the truth. I read them and worship. When your heart cries WOW! It is an act of worship.

Sometimes I get things on my mind and can’t get them off: I have had a piece of equipment from Genesis Construction for a couple of weeks and I just decided I was going to get up and get that project completed. Actually, I got two things completed yesterday which is big for a 69 year old straight, angry, deplorable white male.

Remember the day when you could get an appliance and they would last for twenty or thirty years: that day has gone. So help me Hannah, I am buying my fourth 110 A/C window unit [for my office building] today and this is since 2017. I have bought one from Lowe’s and two from Walmart. I have a warranty on the one I have now but why fool with it. It is a piece of junk. The one in my home office is a 20 years old AMANA and you can hang meat in here. I don’t mind buy a microwave every two to three years but this A/C is driving me crazy.

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