Two Sorry Fathers and One Sorry Husband


The men refused to listen, so the Levite grabbed his wife and shoved her outside. The men raped her and abused her all night long.

~Judges 19:25, CEV


My greatest achievement was convincing my wife to marry me.

~David Wood or Winston Churchill

I don’t know how many times I have read this fascinating horror story. Times have changed and I am thankful but sorry husbands still exist and I am living proof. I guess one reason I like to read this story is I find in it a sorrier husband than myself or at least that is what I want to think. This guy is a piece of work: he makes me and David look like gentlemen. First of all; he was so sorry that the girl left him and moved back in with her parents. Then four months later, he goes to her parent’s home and to get her. I am a little put out with her daddy for not giving her sanctuary. Then he refuses to listen to his servant and insist on spending the night in the gay infested town of Gibeah. He plans to bed down with his wife and servant on the town square but an old man shows up and tells him that it is not safe. The old man invites him to his house. Later that night, the queers show up in force and demand that he send the man out, the Levite husband. The old man offered them his virgin daughter but they don’t want her. I’m not proud of the old man either, he too was a sorry daddy. Finally, the Levite [husband] opens the door and pushes his wife out into the street. Wow, what a jerk! It cannot get worse, right? After he shoves her out to be abused all night by the perverts, he shuts the door and goes to sleep like nothing had happened. I am not kidding…read Judges 19 and see for yourself. After all the horrible abuse the woman is barely able to get back to the house: she actually crawled to the front door and there she died. When the heartless husband opens the door and sees her lying on the porch, he commands her to get up. Of course she can’t respond.

I would love to tell you that the story ends here but it gets worse: this sorry excuse for a husband dismembers her body. He takes a butcher knife and cuts her into twelve pieces. He dishonors her memory and gives no thoughts to her family. He was less than a day’s journey from her parent’s home. The least he could have done was return her body for a proper burial in the family cemetery. God create Eve from Adam’s rib. Location is everything: the rib is in man’s side, underneath his arm. The arm is a symbol of love and affection, when the arm we hug, we embrace but the arm is also a symbol of strength and protection. God created man to be the PROVIDER, PROTECTOR and the PRIEST. The sorry husband in this story provided but he didn’t protect. There are some who fail in all three areas, they don’t provide, protect or lead the family spiritually. When I was a kid, most men failed in the latter two, protecting and leading the family spiritually but these days it is getting harder and harder to find a man who will work and provide. Guys, we need to do better.

What beautiful weather. The rye grass in my yard, especially around the cabin, is a beautiful shade of April green–nothing like it but it will all be gone by June. Rye grass is like me, it can’t take the heat. I hope you have a great week and thanks for reading the blog. You don’t want to miss tomorrows blog; not if you are a conservative or one of the deplorables {angry white males}. For the record: homosexuality came within an eyelash of wiping out an entire Tribe {Benjamin}. You can see the details in Judges 19-20. It destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah and the Roman Empire and it will destroy America. It is highly destructive by nature.

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