A Place To Rest


Trust in Him at all times, you people. Tell Him all of your troubles. God is our place of safety.

Psalms 62:8, NIrV


I suppose there are two forms of weariness: one is being physically tired and in dire need of sleep; the other is being troubled and in desperate need of peace.

~Ya’akov {Adapted from an image quote}

I think I can handle the physical fatigue better than the emotional or spiritual. One thing is certain, we all need a place of rest. I came in Tuesday night after a hard day of manual labor and went straight to the shower and from there to the recliner. I was exhausted from a hard days work. David had more than a hiding or resting place, he had a Person to go to in times of distress. In his case a person was better than a place. The LORD Jesus is my refuge, I trust in HIM at all times and I tell HIM all my troubles. Since He knows everything there is to know about me, why should I pretend to have secrets. I stopped pretending long ago: I tell Him everything. In Psalm 63, David mentioned two things that kept him going: {1} Power belongs to God. Nothing is greater than God. {2] His love for us never ends. David said, “I find my rest in God.”

Do I have it all together? No, I do not! Do I have all the answers? No, I do not! Can I restore this broken and sin cursed world? No, I can not! But I know the ONE who can and it is in HIM that I place my HOPE.

This Day in 2000

I was schedule to do a devotion at a school breakfast and got carried away in my Q.T. and missed the opportunity. Me forgetting something: what a shock!

I hope we have one more day of this beautiful weather because I will be working outside. Another great crowd at the GATHERING. Went to see Big Al yesterday, she gave birth to a healthy boy, Dawson Lee. She named him after Aunt Mandy who real name is Amanda Lee. I had a fun visit with Al and Tyler. I’ve got to get Floyd to make me some new calling cards. I visited some Seniors but none of them were home. Peggy showed up for winter church: she misunderstood the bulletin. We will try to take a poll Sunday and see if we can get a commitment. Joe David got very little feed back and so did I. I will try anything once but we need some warm bodies to get this thing kicked off. So far shift workers have shown more interest than Senior Adults. If we do it, it will be for six weeks {till the time changes}. It is designed to keep Senior adults from having to get out at night in Winter. We would have the service on Wednesday morning at 10:30. Bro. John is going to do the music. You’ll probably get out around 11:15. For the record, this was not my idea. I will be happy one way or the other.

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