A Straw Kingdom


And the quality of each person’s work will be seen when the Day of Christ exposes it. For on that Day fire will reveal everyone’s work; the fire will test it and show its real quality.

~I Corinthians 3:13, GNT


Power and prosperity without Christ are wood, hay and straw waiting to be lit by God’s wrath.

~Ray Comfort

Paul is not talking about building a house but building a life and a legacy. He list six building materials: wood, hay and stubble [straw] and gold, silver and precious stones. You will notice that wood, hay and straw are inferior building materials because they are subject to fire. Two very rich Jews–Bloomberg and Zuckerman spent enough money [to get Trump out of the Whitehouse], to feed every starving Jew is Eastern Europe. Do you think they will not be held accountable? Yes they have billions but it is all straw.

If you remember the story of the three little pigs, one of them built a house out of straw; this is exactly what many are doing, building a straw kingdom. They are living behind a fortress of straw. These fools, and they are fools, do not understand that one match, one spark will bring their kingdom down. The more they amass, the greater the heat that will be generated by the fire. Of course, they do not believe that their wealth will burn but it will.

Buckle your seat belt: I have read the Bible through several times and with each reading I see it more clearly–THE MEEK WILL INHERIT THE EARTH. Don’t tell the rich folks, but all their money is coming to those humble folks that follow Christ. They are convinced that they can keep their money but they can’t. Everything they have worked for will go up in smoke while you and I will be heirs with Christ and I can tell you: HE IS THE FAVORITE SON and He will get it all. These billionaire bullies are in for a rude awakening.

Our new history has already been written by the left. It is not anything new, public education has been teaching lies since the days of Roosevelt. John Dewey, the so called father of education, was a devout atheist or humanist {same difference}. His goal was to remove God from history and make man the center. As the years passed, the founding fathers have become less and less important. The left has made heroes of Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy, King and they will do the same with Clinton and Obama. You and I lived through the days of the Clinton and Obama administrations and we know the truth. We must teach it orally to our grandchildren because they will never hear it in a public school. We will not be governed by a ruling class. They do not make up a majority, they are a vast minority. Not even their dupes and minions could get them this power; they had to lie, steal and cheat. Trump tried to stop them but he had no help. Richard Shelby is a fool: he thought by getting Trump out of the way, he could extend his little reign as the king of pork but what he doesn’t realize is that he will be ruled himself.

Sorry I am late. We had a visitors last night, they showed up around midnight. It was the Skunk family and they stunk to high heaven. It was the worse smelling skunk I’ve had the displease of smelling. I got up and put on a mask but it didn’t help. I think I went to sleep around 3:00 am.

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