A Voice In The Wilderness


“I am a voice shouting in the wilderness, ‘Clear the way for the LORD’s coming!”

~John 1:23, NLT


Jesus is coming and He will set things right: it will not be social justice; it will be divine justice.


Totalitarianism is a form of government that attempts to assert total control over the lives of its citizens. It is characterized by strong central rule that attempts to control and direct all aspects of individual life through coercion and repression. It does not permit individual freedom and the one thing it must repress is the truth. So why was President Trump censored? Why was Rudy Giuliani censored and now Mike Lindell? Do we Americans need protection from the truth? No, I think we can handle the truth: I think it is Washington D.C. that cannot and doesn’t want to handle the truth. Are we moving toward a totalitarian state? Censorship is the first step and we should be upset by what has happened lately in that regard.

When the Soviet Union collapsed, many countries behind the iron curtain took steps to rid themselves of totalitarianism. Some of them managed well, while others were partially or completely unsuccessful. I must remind you that the greatest threat to totalitarianism is free speech. Free speech is what digs the grave for despotism, while suppression of free speech is the trademark of dictatorship.

That is why the first priority for all totalitarian regimes is to impose restrictions on freedom of speech. Removing the right of free speech was the first thing Lenin did In 1917. Lenin accused the news papers of “sowing discord by libelous distortion of facts.” Lenin wrote that “to tolerate the existence of these newspapers means to cease to be a socialist.” Similarly, only a few months after coming to power in 1933, German National Socialists started to burn books, and the Ministry of Propaganda introduced strict censorship. When they shut me down at the Eastern Gate headquarters, remember what I told you. They must repress and suppress the truth. Totalitarianism and truth cannot abide together.

Modern dictators and leaders of totalitarian states have also learned all too well that freedom of speech is their worst enemy that eventually precipitates collapse of despotic regimes. Today the bottom rankings in press freedom ratings are occupied by such communist countries as China, Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam, as well as ideologically divergent, but equally harsh despotic regimes, such as Turkmenistan, Belarus, Iran, Syria, Sudan, and others.

States that lean towards totalitarian methods of governance need to create a strong propaganda machine [the media] designed to replace reliable information, policy analysis and a free exchange of views. Propaganda creates an image of an external or internal enemy while drastically distorting truth. In our case, Trump was personified as the enemy. Can you name one major news outlet that did not portray him as the bad guy? They especially like to awaken or promote racial prejudice because it divides the masses. It is just one more of their tactics to manipulate people’s minds. I told my support group yesterday that I hope one of these dupes who vote democrat come to me complaining. One of them said abruptly, “It will never happen.” How can people be so weak of mind as let the likes of Obama and Biden con them? I find it difficult to understand that depth of stupidity.

I tried to raise my children right: love Jesus, vote pro-life and root for Alabama. I admit, I have had a couple of defections on the Alabama thing but not on the issue of pro-life. It is true that no one goes to my extreme on at least two out of three and some think I am crazy but I really don’t lose sleep over what they think. I don’t think you need protecting from the truth. I think Americans deserve to know what happened in the JFK assassination because we certainly don’t believe the propaganda we’ve been told. The truth is: Trump is not a threat to our security; he was a refreshing treat and he is our rightful president. Read my lips: there was voter fraud. He was good for America and he did more in four years than the dems could do in a century and I speak of good things. I salute Donald Trump and I denounce the democrats for being the the opposite of what they pretend.

I am sorry, I know this makes three days in a row that I have dealt with state and national issues but this got on my mind and I could not think of anything else until I shared it.

With one stroke of the pen Biden destroyed 11,000 jobs by stopping construction on the keystone pipe line. Some believe that the final numbers will be around 50,000 jobs when it trickled down. The pipe line was emission free. Watch for gas prices to soar.

The NRA is shutting down, in New York. They are moving to Texas. I suppose that filing bankruptcy was the best way to get out of New York. They have a membership drive on this week. If you respond before Saturday, you get annual membership for $30. You will have a choice of one of two magazines. One is entitled FREEDOM and it features articles about what is going on in Washington and the other is a gun magazine. We need all gun owners and 2nd amendment lovers to sign up. JOIN THE NRA TODAY.

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