The Big Four + One More


“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.ā€

~John 8:32, NLT


“I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.”

~ Thomas Jefferson

{letter to James Madison, January 30, 1787}

The first amendment to the constitution embodies four basic rights: [1] Freedom of speech, [2] Freedom of the Press, [3] Freedom of religion and the free exercise thereof, and [4] Freedom to assemble and petition. The second amendment contains our fifth of these five basic rights…A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. There is a movie made for TV that I recommend: it is called APRIL MORNING and you can see it on YouTube or you could last week. I look for them to take it down any day. King George was not only taxing the colonies without giving them a voice in parliament, he was cracking down on freedom of assembly and the right to bear arms. This is what ignited the American Revolution. The colonies rebelled quickly. If they could not assemble to address grievances; it would not belong before they would not be allowed to assemble at all. The militia was formed from the local assemblies.

Our Republic has been viciously attack by those from the left and they have no regard for our rights. Rural America does not agree with the Biden Administration and it is not relegated to the South. Pennsylvania has 67 counties and 54 voted overwhelmingly for Trump. One city, with the mayor Daily plan in play, cost Trump and America the electors for the entire state. Is the left aware of the fact that middle America does not agree with their agenda? Does the left care what middle America thinks? Who would hurt the most from an exponential hike in the minimum wage? I will answer all three. No, the left doesn’t care what we think and yes they know they cheated and are in the minority but they don’t care. An exponential raise the minimum wage will be a knife in the back to small business. Do the dems care about small business? NO, absolutely not, they are in bed with the giant corps like Nike, GE, Walmart and the NFL. The dems are not for the working man and working men didn’t vote for them. They are not for the poor or the oppressed: they are for themselves. They see themselves as the elite ruling class and they are determined to rule the ignorant and uneducated Trump supporters like me.

You better hear this: they cannot stay in power without cheating. It took cheating to get them there and they know it will take cheating to keep them there so look out: they are coming for your right to speak freely against them and their regime. Censorship has already started and it will get worse. Mike Lindell is the latest to be censured and it is no coincidence that he is an avid Trump supporter. But, they will not stop at repressing the truth {which frightens them}, they will most definitely get to the two basic things that keep them from making us slaves: [1] The right to assemble and [2] to bear arms. They live by the GOLDEN RULE, “He who has the gold rules,” and trust me they have the gold. They are backed by rich Jews, giant corps, and celebrities. There is no way we can match them dollar per dollar. Zuckerman, Facebook owner, contributed 500 million to help with the fraudulent take over. Trump supporters are common people who work to scratch out a living: they don’t have millions, we don’t even have thousands but we do have TRUTH. It is the light verses the darkness and we know where JESUS stands, and it is not in the dark.

Gas prices will be going up soon, the morons have stopped all drilling. They are declaring war on fossil fuels. Wow, what intelligence. If you put their brains in a bird, it would fly backwards. I promise to get off this subject and print something edifying tomorrow. I can promise this: anything that comes out of DC these days will not be edifying.

Boy, I sure loved these warm days but old man winter is returning according to BM and James Spann. I dare you to speak evil about James Spann in BM’s presence.

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