Against The Wind


He {Jesus} saw them straining at the oars, because the wind was against them.

~Mark 6:48, NET


Jesus is no guarantee there will be no storms but He is faithful to come to us in our storms.

~Mrs. Charles Cowman

There are several storm narratives in the NT but on this particular occasion, Jesus made His disciples get into the boat and cross the lake. What I am saying is the Jesus intentionally sent His disciples into a storm. May sound a bit cruel at first but storms are great teachers. We learn a lot during the storms. Watchman Nee the Chinese theologian says that we do not learn a part from the storms: adversity is the greatest teacher. I have a sermon on this subject but I noticed in STREAMS the other day that Charles Cowman also has a list of things that storms will do for us.

[1] Storms force us to tighten our grip. We get serious when the storms hit. We cling to our faith and our convictions. [2] Storms work as the refiners fire to reveal the flaws in our character. If there is a lack of faith, the storm will reveal it. If we are driven by vain ambition, the storm will reveal it. [3] Storms drive us to our knees. We do our best praying in the storms. Storms inspire earnest prayer. [4] Storms create a fervent desire for the presence of Jesus. In our seeking Jesus, He appears and speaks. We hear His voice, sense His presence and see His glory.

That is not a bad list is it! The storm the disciples encountered on the Sea of Galilee frighten them but Jesus was watching them all along and He came to them in the storm walking on the circumstances that had them afraid. What He did for them, He will do for us. If the winds of adversity are blowing against you, be encouraged. He will get you through the storm and teach you all at the same time. Wow, what a Savior!

I am thankful and want to encourage my old Bible Study group at DBC. They are involved in a ministry project that requires a little concrete and it has been a while since I have done concrete. I don’t do much concrete work anymore. In the old days, I just called Willard {don’t remember his last name} there in Hartselle and ordered what I wanted. Things have changed. David warmed me but I was not prepared for the shock. First they wanted $145 per yard. Seth’s out building was only $108 per yard a year ago. Plus, you can’t call in the a.m. and get your concrete that evening like in the old days. It may be days before you get it–just warning you like David did me.

I do hope, although Biden was not really elected and is not the one making the decisions, that the folks who voted for this mess understand what is going on. We need Trump back in office today. This is not impossible, not for God. The dems do not know what they are doing unless wrecking the economy is their goal. We need a business man running things not a flaky liberal politician and certainly not a cabal of billionaires who keep getting richer at the expense of the working class. Pray for Trump to be restored. He is the rightful president. I don’t think we can take four years of this insanity.

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