Finding Jesus In A Crowd


For You stand next to the broken ones as their saving hero to rescue them from all their accusers!

~Psalm 109:31, Passion


If I were looking for Jesus in a crowd, I would look for Him among the children.

~Source Unknown {can’t remember}

I heard a highly respected Christian leaders say, “If I were looking for Jesus in the crowd, I would expect to find Him among the children.” In Dostoevsky’s THE IDIOT, Prince Myshkin {the idiot} loves the company of children. This is one of many reasons the others refer to him as an idiot–he prefers the company of children over that of the aristocratic adults. You may think the quote above is a ridiculous statement but I don’t. When we enter a crowded room, we look for those we know and many times those who are highly successful. We all want to hob knob with the higher ups. We are insecure and fallen creatures, it is natural for us to admire success and to seek out those who may be able to help us. We think more often about recieving help than giving help. This, of course, is totally out of character with Jesus. Jesus would not be looking for the Governor or for some millionaire, not necessarily, but He would be looking for the broken and the hurting. David said, “You stand next to the broken.” I love it. Matter of fact, I love David’s confession is the last part of Psalm 109, “I’m slipping down a dark slope, shaken to the core, and helpless. I am so weak from fasting that I can hardly stand. I am shriveled up, nothing but skin and bones. I am an example of failure and shame for all to see.” Perhaps you are thinking, “I don’t believe David really said this; after all, he was a king, and not just a king but the best king that ever ruled Israel.” I agree, David was a king, a highly successful king, a hymn writer, a theologian, a prophet, a poet, a musician and he excelled in ever area, but I do believe he wrote Psalm 109 and I do believe he made this confession.

C.S. Lewis calls it the undulations of life. Life is filled with ups and downs, like the waves on the sea. We can go from happy to sad in a very short time. The same wave that carried us up also carries us down. In these low moments, we realize our extreme need for Jesus and His promise to be near the broken hearted give us hope and encouragement. David said in Psalm 34:18, “The LORD is close to the brokenhearted; He rescues those whose spirits are crushed.” So I would amend the quote for today’s blog just a bit: If I were looking for Jesus in a crowd, I would expect to find Him among either the children or the hurting. Little children are real. They have not learned to act. Adults are actors or pretenders.


The LORD is good. The first thing I must do is give Him thanks. A lot has changed since the Friday blog. I got home from Josie’s soccer game about 7:30 Friday night and I removed my shoes and put on my PJ’s. About 9:00 I joined June in the den to watch a little Raw Hide and she said, “Your phone is ringing.” My first thought was don’t answer but it was too late, she hit the button and handed it to me. It was Joe David with sad news: My good friend John Wydner’s son Jody had passed away with a heart attack…44 years old. Jody’s wife is Melanie and they have two sons. John called me Saturday evening and asks if I would do the service so prayer partners, the service is tomorrow at 2:00 at Shelton’s in Decatur. John Wydner is a good friend. I have a lot of good friends and John is one of the best. John helped me way back when…I didn’t have enough money to buy you a cup of coffee. He also carried me bream fishing last May {actually 2022} and it was the first time I had been fishing since 1994. I had a ball. We caught the limit. John is one of my Sunday night cheer leaders. It would be hard to preach if not for folks like John. Since I have known John {about 35 years I think}, he has lost a wife and now a son to the same disease. He also lost a daughter and a grandson in tragic situations. John is as close to a Job as we have in Danville but he has not abandon his faith, his integrity is in tack, and he has a sweet spirit. Just remember John in your prayers today.

Well I have my short sleeve bellbottom shirt on today; they say it is going to be 74 degrees. I hope you have a good Monday and a great week. Thanks for reading the blog and thanks for the prayers.

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