Practicing His Presence


Never forget that I am with you every day, even to the completion of the age.

~Matthew 28:20, Passion


The emptiness you feel within will be filled with either your problems or His presence.

~S. K. Young

I can name a number of things that I need to improve on. I am not sure, but practicing the Divine Presence may be number one. I am too easily caught up in the moment. I let circumstances dictate my emotions and react rather than act. At the very beginning of Ty’s game last Wednesday, he drove to the basket, made a layup and was knocked completely down. I didn’t see anyone else on the floor other than Ty who is looking up at the official with wonder in his eyes, the female official had called a charge. I went ballistic…you have to be kidding…that is unbelievable…etc. It gets worse, Ty was almost decapitated as a kid came over his back and no foul was called. It wasn’t only Ty, none of our players got to go to the line because they were not calling the fouls. To me that was an injustice perpetrated at my grand son and I take personal offense. I would like to be able to convince myself that my behavior is justified due to my sense of justice and fair play. Of course this is not the case. I had an opportunity to be Christ like and I blew yet again. What bothers me is it not the first time and if I don’t stay at home, it will not be the last.

There is no question, I need Jesus every moment of every day. I know this to be true and my greatest strength is to realize how pitifully wretched and weak I am. However there are pitfalls and I keep falling into the same pit. We have to guard against the flesh and our desire to handle things on our own. The “flesh” {self} is not our friend. The more we focus on self, the more likely we are to fail. Sarah Young says that we should pray without ceasing. We don’t have to pray out loud, or even stop and bow, but pray silently in our hearts. I do this before every worship service; I constantly mumble the same prayer…LORD I need Your help…Perhaps I need this same attitude before every sporting event involving my grandchildren. I don’t generally sin at soccer games but it is because I don’t know what is going on. Just as JACKS is all about the South, Soccer should be all about Europe.


Hard day today…49er FISH FRY at 11:30, following a trip to Montgomery yesterday…leaving Danville at 4:00 AM and getting back at 12:00. I may take a day off next week. I love the weather and our rye grass is shinning like new money. Work on our fellowship hall is going great, The framing crew are finished; wiring, plumbing and insulation are next.

Have a great day and thanks for reading the blog.

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