Heaven–No Suffering


He will wipe every tear from their eyes; there shall be an end to death, and to mourning and crying and pain; for the old order has passed away!’

~Revelation 21:4, NEB


Has this world been so kind to you that you should leave it with regret. There are better things ahead than any we leave behind.

~C.S. Lewis

Even the very young can understand that in this sin cursed broken world there is suffering in every direction. Physically {Covid and Cancer}, emotionally, financially, socially and spiritually people are hurting. Disease, divorce, death, disasters, demons and democrats are wrecking havoc on mankind. I can’t even get through breakfast without hearing bad news. I’m not convinced that all these modern forms of communication are good. I’m like David, I want the wings of a dove so I can fly away and be at rest. Jeremiah longs for a cottage in the wilderness or a cabin in the mountains. TV is not a problem for me, I don’t watch it. Practically everything I try to watch is a promo for same sex relationships, transgenders and Netfix has taken the next step by promoting kiddy porn and pedophilia. But for me, the biggest burden of them all is suffering. You can not imagine how much I hate cancer. I don’t have any affinity for Covid either. Every where I go there is suffering. This is why I don’t watch or enjoy movies where people are suffering: I see all I want in reality.

Heaven is our future and that is the good news. When I think of heaven; I think of being with Jesus first and foremost but I also meditate on what will not be there. There will be no sin, no Satan and no suffering in heaven. There will be no clinics, no hospitals, no need for doctors or nurses, no walkers, no wheel chairs, no suicide bombers, no broken hearts, no deaths and no wars. When we walk into the Father’s house, He will personally wipe away every tear and with that will go our memory of any suffering and pain. Heaven is something to look forward to: no separation, no scars and no suffering. Heaven is infinitely better than a week at the beach or a week in the mountains. Our vacations, get-a-ways are only short retreats: we always have to return to reality. I will never be content in a world where there is suffering: thank God, there is no suffering in heaven.

Don Widner got to go home last night but Jean Smith is back in the hospital in Huntsville. This is Jean’s third time and I’m not sure this is covid. Matter of fact, in talking with Perry last night, I don’t think it is but Jean really needs our prayers and so does Perry. Big Mike is still very weak and Sheryl is better. My sister Holly is still at Madison Hospital with covid and my friend Phillip is still in ICU in Cleveland.

Our mission team in Guatemala is doing great: we have been getting some good pics. June wanted to go with them but it didn’t work out for her; maybe next year.

I hope you have a great day. Thanks for reading.

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