Israel Type Of Church


Nevertheless, death reigned from Adam to Moses, even over those who did not sin in the likeness of Adam’s transgression. He is a type of the Coming One.

~Romans 5:14, CSB


Christ is in all the scriptures: in the Old Testament, He is predicted. In the Gospels, He is revealed. In Acts, He is preached. In the Epistles, He is taught and in the Revelation He is expected to return.

~Alistair Begg

The LORD speaks to me in prayer and I write down what He says as an insight. As I was praying the other day about our situation in America and comparing it to what the Israelites faced during their Babylonian captivity, I realized something that we encouraging. Paul told Timothy, just before he was beheaded, “Yes, and the Lord will deliver me from every evil attack and will bring me safely into his heavenly Kingdom.” He did deliver Paul and gave him what he desired most, a resurrection. Do I want God to deliver us from this present evil? Sure I do but He may not do it in the way that I desire. This does not mean that He is not going to deliver us for indeed He will.

God allowed the pagan Babylonians to invade Israel, capture Jerusalem and take thousands of Jews to Babylon as slaves. People like Daniel, not only lost their freedom, they lost body parts that are important to men. Daniel became celebrate but not my choice. The Babylonians taunted the Jews and made their life miserable. The Jews questioned God’s love: why would He allow such a thing. God’s people humiliated: how can that be good? The captivity served as the refiner’s fire and during those 70 years the Jews gave up their idols and they have never been idol worshippers since. But my real question is–Where is the Babylonian Empire today? I can tell you, it is dust and ashes. It does not exist. It is history.

Now, I remind you that Israel is a TYPE of the church. Although the English word type comes up only twice in the NASB concordance, the Greek word typos is used 15 times in the NT. One of those times we talked about recently, Issac was a type of Christ {Hebrews 11:19} and todays scripture features Adam as a type of Christ. Moses liberated Israel–making him a type of Christ. David was the king of Israel and Israel’s Shepherd–making him a type of Christ. Job was the best man on the planet and his friends were dependent on his intercession–making him a type of Christ. Joseph saved two nations; Egypt {Gentiles} and the Israelites {Jews}–making him a type of Christ. Hosea redeemed an unfaithful wife–his wife is a type of we sinners and Hosea was a type of Christ. I can go on for pages but the point I am making today is that Israel is a type of the church. It may not be in the immediate future but the evil Democratic Party will become dust and ashes, just like the Babylonians– while the church will stand for all eternity. One day we will be rid of them but they cannot get rid of us. Oh yes, they can persecute us and they will but it will only fan the flames and Christianity will spread like a wild fire. Let them make fun of us, let them scoff and say as did the Babylonians, “Where is your God?” They are experiencing the only glory they’ll ever know, even though it is vain glory but our glory is in Christ and yet to come.

We praise the LORD for another great Sabbath Day: what a joy divine to share the word; oh for grace to be more proficient in doing it. We are oft to Mr. Athens, as Daddy use to call it. My oldest sister is 85 today and we are going to check on our ailing sister. I hope you have a great week. Thank you for reading the blog.

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