Levitical Worship


Every morning and evening, the Levites are to give thanks to the Lord and sing praises to him.

~I Chronicles 23:30, CEV


Any man on this earth who is bored with worship of Jesus is not ready for heaven.

~A.W. Tozer

King David organized and mobilized the Levites: he put them to work. As Moses had instructed, the Levites were to do all the work revolving around the place of worship. There were 38,000 in David’s day and he assigned them to one of three groups: Temple officials, guards and musicians. The Levites had a 4,000 member choir and it was all male. David also made schedule and he put the Levites in shifts so that there would be Levites at the temple 24/7/365. The Levitical band and choir performed every morning and every evening: twice a day during the weeks and all day on Sabbaths and Feast days. I would love to see this enacted one time. Hey they didn’t play slow draggy music: they played music you could dance to, celebrative music. Not all their songs were happy songs but many of them were and I would love to have seen it in play.

Several years ago; probably 30 at least, because the pastors were meeting in the parlor of Central Baptist Church in Decatur; a guy from the State office whose name eludes me [which is probably a good thing] came to speak to the pastors. He is one of these preachers who can’t preach and doesn’t want to be accountable to a local congregation so he got him a State job. His message was basically this: “Sunday night church is history.” He did the obituary on night church. He made some incorrect statement that did not jive with scripture and I corrected in front of a room filled with preachers. Since they all knew the scripture, they knew I was right. He was so embarrassed that he lost his place and never really recovered. He said the New Testament church didn’t meet at night. I asked him about Paul’s all night sermon and Eutychus going to sleep and falling out of the window. According to scripture, Paul preached until day break. Then I told him, “the New testament church met daily, not just once a week: I will take daily worship over Sunday night,” and he was speechless. I ruined his whole speech. He stumbled around for twenty more minutes but everyone in the room knew that he was through once he was corrected. After the service he proceeded to upbraid me for interrupting. I don’t remember what I said but he needed to get his facts straight before making such asinine statements. He said there had never been night church before electricity was invented and I simply pointed out that he was wrong. I would never discourage anyone from attending worship day or night.

Once a week worship is not enough for a sinner like me. It’s not enough for you either, you are just so backslidden that you don’t understand your need. In the REVIVAL where I surrender to preach, we had church for six months, every night: it began and remained a prayer group mainly. Finally, we got down to two people and then I got called to another church. What we need is a good REVIVAL and then we would have a heart for worship. As Vance Havner use to say, we are so far from the LORD that a new convert has to backslid to be in fellowship with us. Worship demands full attention on the LORD. This is why our worship is so pathetic, we can’t sit our minds and heart on HIM for an hour, let alone a day or week. We need REVIVAL.

How sweet it is: the Indians beat the Yankee’s 5-2. May be our last win of the season but it was sweet. June and I went down for Terri Narrell surgery and it went well PTL. Our Youth got back from camp. They had a flat but fortunately they were in town and got it fixed. Another PLT for the youth getting home safely. A PLT for the DBC VBS commencement. Great school: Mandy and Shohn do a super job. The church should give them a free cruise: they deserve it. The Play Group came in handy: it is as popular as the refreshment area. The wagon rides would probably finish third. Blair, Journey and Essie Day loved those wagon rides. If they counted me as a worker {?} it makes 41 VBS at DBC.

Golden Girls this morning then Nursing Homes and Hospitals. I hope it rains all day. We still don’t have mud at 1120 Ironman Road. We just can’t seem to get a soaker but they say more is coming. PTL for the cloud cover and the showers. Mercy drops round us are falling but on for the down pour we plead.

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