Need A Hug


He said to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace, and be healed of your disease.”

~Mark 5:34, NET


Sometimes a hug is all you need…no advice, no apology, no words…just a hug.

~Image Quotes

I know that some huggers can be buggers. If you are a male, a hand shake will do but a hug is a gesture of love and from time to time, we may feel untouchable and a hug can be the source of healing. The nameless woman in Mark 5 had not been hugged in 12 years: can you imagine her emotional trauma? She was one of the untouchables in Jewish society. She sneaked up on Jesus, probably on her all fours, because she touched the hem of His garment and the hems were almost dragging the ground. The only way to get that low is to get on hands and knees. For a woman to approach a Jewish Rabbi in such a fashion was a sign of desperation. As soon as she touched Jesus garment, she felt the healing and was content to slip away but Jesus made her confess her faith publicly. It is interesting to note: she touched only his garment, not Jesus Himself. This shows her respect for the law and for Jesus.

Jesus cares about every part of you–your spirit, soul and body. He is very concerned about your emotional health as well as the physical and spiritual. He not only healed this woman’s body but it made it possible for her to have close relations with others. This woman must have been desperately lonely. Can you imagine going twelve years without feeling the warm embrace of another person? You never know, you may encounter such a person today. They may feel beat down and depressed. They may be struggling with feelings of guilt and shame. They may need a hug. So don’t bug them with your sagacious advice, give them a hug instead.


I finished Baucham’s book FAULT LINES yesterday. If you want to know the truth about BLM, read this book. BLM’s three founders are black lesbians–Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza and Opel Tometi. All three are trained marxist and they do not deny it. Their goal is to dismantle the patriarchal society that we live in. There is no mention of men in their charter. They use the word ‘parent’ twice but never mention men or fathers. How can you have children without fathers. You wouldn’t be here today, if you father had been gay. It is not rocket science. Think of all the silly men who have demonstrated with them; thinking they were marching out of respect for black lives. BLM is not about black lives; it is about black lies.

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