The True Gospel


According to the greatness of Your compassion blot out my transgressions.
Wash me thoroughly from my
iniquity and cleanse me from my sin.

~Psalm 51:1-2, NASB


There is only one race–the human race. There is only one problem–sin and all have sinned. There is only one Hope--Jesus and He is the only hope.

~Voddie Baucham

The Hebrews had three words for sin and all three are found in Psalm 51. Transgression is a breach of the law, an over stepping of the bounds, a taking of the forbidden. It is an act of willful rebellion. Iniquity is a perversion. It is taking something good and twisting it until it is no longer good. We do it with music, art, sex, etc. The third word sin simply means to miss the mark or to fall short of the intended goal. It is any form of moral weakness or imperfection. The overwhelming sin of this generations seems to be iniquity–twisting and perverting things that God created for our good. Moral relativity, abortion, BLM and Critical Race Theory are current examples: all are founded on lies, propaganda and misinformation. Abortion is the taking of a human life and it results are devastating to both the baby and the mother. The baby, that they depersonalize by referring to it as a glob is tissue or a fetus is in truth a human being. Of course you will not hear this from the media, the priest of the new age.

The so called social justice movement is not about justice. There is only one justice and it emanates from the Chief Justice. Black Lives Matter is not about black lives at all. It is certainly not about black babies who are aborted three to one over whites. It is not about black men, not even those who were shot by policemen. BLM was founded by three black lesbians and men are not even mentioned the the BLM charter. The truth is; they hate men, all men and especially white men. Don’t you know these three lesbo’s light up with a sadistic grin when they see stupid men joining their movement. Before joining the parade, maybe you should do a little research. Critical Race Theory is not about justice for anyone and it is not about race. They simply use race as a talking point and a tool to divide. The founders of both BLM and CRT are Marxist. Hey it is no secret: all three of the black lesbians are proud of their Marxist views. CRT came from the Institute of Social Research which is in Frankfurt, Germany. It was founded by Jews. They must have been wealthy because they survived the holocaust. Rich Jews have always had an affinity for Marxism. Marx was a Jew and Lenin had Jewish roots. It is not about justice folks, these people are pumping revolution. They are full of treason. Their intent is to overthrow the Republic. These people are anti-American and anti-Christ.

What these Marxist have accomplished in the last half century is amazing but even more amazing from my perspective is the number of so called Christian leaders who have swallowed the lie hook, line and sinker. I am not surprised at Platt but there are some that have shocked be like Max Lucado, Richard Foster and John Piper. This cultural Marxism has really been successful making inroads in the reform community. Of course, I don’t want to leave out the Moore twins. Some of these folks are deceived most likely but there may be some false teachers in the mix. I for one will not listen to their sermons are read their books.

The best way to detect the false is to know what the real looks like. A T-man can spot counterfeit money in a heart beat because he knows what the real looks like. Baucham gives us a good definition of the TRUE GOSPEL

~There is one race–the HUMAN race and we all go back to Adam.

~There is one problem–SIN and all have sinned.

~There is ONE hope–JESUS and He is the only hope.

I suppose it is natural for white folks to think that Adam and Eve were white but that is highly unlikely. Adam was made out of red clay and red clay in the sun does not turn white. It doesn’t matter what color Adam was, or Jesus, or Santa for that matter. We may not have Adam’s flesh tone but we have his heart. The skin may have changed but the heart is the same. The biggest racist among us are those who play the race card and call anyone who disagrees with them, a racist. I am over it, I don’t care what they call me–I will speak the truth.


Big Mama and James Spann say a heat wave is coming. How can I complain. We have had a mild summer but I will confess…I don’t like the heat…it depresses my spirit and my building being shut down by an electrical doesn’t help. So praise the LORD for seasons and fall and football are just around the corner. Have a great day!

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