Professional Sports in the USA


Turn from evil and do good, and you will live in the land forever.

~Psalm 37:27, NLT


The militant social justice messaging of James and Kaepernick serves the interest of not only the Chinese Communist Party and globalist corporations like Nike but also our political left {democrats}.

~Jason Whitlock

If you are a speaker at Hillsdale College and your speech is featured in the IMPRIMIS [Hillsdale’s Newsletter]; you are one intelligent dude or dame. I will attach the full article in the extra or you can go online and read the IMPRIMIS {}. I hate to rub salt in the wound but I have been telling you for almost a decade that the NFL is anti-Christ. According to Whitlock, who I am sure knows more of the subject than I do, the NBA is actually the front runner as a political machine. The National Basketball Association is dead: it is now the NIKE Basketball Association. Nike, the global giant, in partnership with China runs the NBA. Whitlock contends that a boycott by Americans will not change a thing. They are getting their revenue from China {were they have millions of fans} and they are owed by billionaires who are woke {committed to fighting racial injustice}. I just wonder how many of the billionaires are Sadducee. As far as I am concerned, they can pack their bags and move to China. I would be fine with the CBA, China Basketball Association. Unfortunately for sports fans in America, this mob of woke warriors are not content with politicizing the NBA, they have forced the NFL, MLB and NHL to join their movement.

The San Francisco 49’ers fly a BLM flag next to the American flag in Levi’s Stadium. The MLB opened there pathetic covid shortened season with BLM carved in the pitcher’s mound. The Boston Red Sox, underline red, put up a 254 foot billboard for BLM right outside Fenway Park. Of course no one can out do the Nike Basketball Association; BLM is painted on the court and players where social justice messages on they back of their jerseys. America’s enemies, particularly China are using roll models [using the term loosely] to promote racial unrest. By promoting BLM, China and the democrats have succeeded in creating a racial dysfunction or divide. They have created what Whitlock calls a “Cold Civil War.” At one time in our history, sports created hope where there was despair: not it generated despair and is crushing our hope. If Nike and others get their way, they will politicize college sports. I hate to quote Malcolm X on anything but he did have the democrats pegged…“The worst enemy that the Negro has is this white man running around drooling at the mouth and professing to love Negros and calling himself a liberal.”

Some of you laughed at me when I began bad mouthing the NBA and the NFL but you aren’t laughing now, are you? You may have too much pride to admit it, but you know I am right–Profession sports has gone to the dogs. They are corporate arms of the democratic socialist/communist party and you keep supporting them. I just hope and pray they don’t pollute college football. I have reached a point where I don’t care about anything else in the sports world. If they keep messing with me, I will give that up also.

I know you probably don’t believe me but at one time I was a huge NFL fan. I use to race home from church on Sunday just so I didn’t miss the kick off. I would still love to watch but my conscience will not allow it. I pray for REVIVAL in America.

I tried to load the full article for you but was unsuccessful but here is the link…

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