“No one is righteous—not even one. No one is truly wise; no one is seeking God. All have turned away; all have become useless. No one does good, not a single one.”

~Romans 3:10-12, NLT


The Progressive mode of thought consist in assuming that the great permanent miseries in human life must be curable if only we can find the right cure.

~C.S. Lewis

Before I begin, let me confess…In reading my old blogs, the purely devotional ones are by far the best. Most of my political and philosophical rants are not that edifying. With that said, I read something for C.S. Lewis THE WEIGHT OF GLORY that reinforced what I believe is going on today. Actually, what is going on today started long before any of us were born. Progressivism began in the 1890’s, about the time my grand parents were born. Notable progressives from the early years were feminist and then there are the names you will recognize like Woodrow Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt. The progressives believe that the world gets better with each successive generation. They do not believe that history is cyclical, that it repeats itself. They believe it is a linear movement from worse to better–so that any given generation is always in all respects wiser than the previous generation. They believe that Bill Clinton was more intelligent than Thomas Jefferson because he had access to greater technology and resources. Just as telephones are superior to telegraph and jets are superior to a horse and buggy; so scientist and statesmen today are more intelligent than our forefathers. You can take any branch of science and see the advances we have made. As Lewis says. “They claim the whole world was in the wrong until the day before yesterday.” In other words, compared to leaders today, our forefathers were in the dark and lived in error. So much for the Thomas Jefferson’s, Ben Franklin’s, Thomas Edisons, Albert Einstein’s, Henry Fords: they were all intellectual midgets compared the geniuses running Washington today. It is all hog wash, B-O-L-O-G-N-A. Jefferson has more sense than all the democrats combined. He could speak five languages by the time he was eight and could read both Greek and Hebrew. He did not have to have an English translation. Al Gore can’t read John 3:16 in English. These clowns are laughable.

The world is not getting better and neither is man. Man is a flawed creature and prone to sin, vice, greed, violence and corruption. Man is not the solution–He is the problem. Progressives deny the basic reality on which any enduring society is built–man’s need to be governed by a higher law because he is sinful. History is recorded so that we can learn from it. If we would study history, we could possibly make some advances, but the progressives do like HISTORY; they prefer Social Studies which is fabricated history. They do not want George Washington hailed as the Father of our country. The progressives want to destroy any confidence we have in our founding fathers. As long as we embrace the REPUBLIC that our forefathers gave us, they will work to undermine our confidence in the founders. Thus the endless rhetoric about how evil America has been: we stole our land from native Americans, owed slaves, oppressed immigrants, abused women and on and on. Of course, there is some truth to all these accusations but how many have we helped. They would be speaking German in France today had it not been for Americans. We have promoted freedom around the globe and given million asylum from tyranny.


My good friend Walter Taylor of Cherokee was promoted yesterday evening late. Walter was a member of the Harris Chapel Baptist Church in Cherokee, Alabama. He was a huge Alabama fan. He suffered a stroke some 5-6 years ago. LORD willing I will be going over to Cherokee on Friday and Saturday. His COLS is Saturday. Another cool crisp morning but it warms up in the day and we desperately need a rain. The one good thing about no rain is that the grass has stopped growing and there is far less mowing, but I prefer the rain.

Grace Point family: don’t forget the fish fry Wednesday night at 5:30. Have a good day and thanks for reading the blog.

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