Rooms Available!


When the servant returned, he said, “Master, I’ve done what you told me, and there is still plenty of room for more people.”

~Luke 14:22, CEV


God is infinite is wisdom, power, dominion, resources and attributes.



We have all been in situations where there was not enough room. Most of us have stood outside restaurants waiting for an no empty table. Some times airlines over book a flight and there are no seats available. The trips to Guatemala have a limit because the mission house in Guatemala will house just so many. God has no such limitations. There is a zero chance that He will run out of room in heaven.

The loving Father in Luke 15 had plenty of room in the house for the elder brother. He didn’t go in because he refused to repent. He would not change his mind or his attitude. He refused his father’s invitation to the party. His refusal to repent and his stubborn pride kept him outside but there was no lack of space on the inside. The father pleaded with him to go in, but he never used force. He could have used force, he had the man power, they could have carried the angry brother inside with him kicking and screaming but he would have ruined the party.

There is plenty of room in heaven for all who want to go but no one will be forced to go against their will. Don’t misunderstand, it is not purely a matter of human will: the Father has to speak to us and we have to change the way we think [repent]. An old hymn came to mind…

There’s room at the cross for you;
Though millions have come, there’s still room for one,
Yes there’s room at the cross for you.


He just keeps on blessing and blessing…I have no complaints about the LORD’s day. I didn’t preach yesterday morning but that has nothing to do with worship and we had a good service. I get a little anxious about COLS’s these day but once again the Holy Spirit stepped in and took my place. I praise the Father for the sweet relief. I got to meet two new people, Waymon and Shelby Holladay and their attentiveness yesterday was very encouraging. Then again last night, the Spirit was real. I praise the LORD for His goodness to me.

I got a text during Kathleen’s service about friend in Cherokee who is critically ill and not expected to live. We are going from sorrow to sorrow but Joy is coming. It is just a matter of time.

I hope you have a great Monday. Monday are hard on school teachers, construction workers, plant workers, etc., but they are not that bad for the retired. Have a great week.

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