Psalm 38


My guilt has become too much for me. It is a load too heavy to carry.

~Psalm 38:4, NIRV


Grace means all your mistakes now serve a purpose {humility] instead of serving you shame.

~Source Unknown

One of the great things about reading the Psalms daily is their freshness. I read Psalm 38 in the NIRBV a few days back and then I sat silent in awe and wonder. Seriously, it was like I had never read the Psalm and I read this same Psalm in this translation on February 6, 2018 and have read it twice a year in other translations. David confessed in verse three, “Because of my sin, I am unhealthy.” I agree, sin is unhealthy, and I also agree that man is not designed to carry guilt which is a spiritual acid that will eat a hole in your conscience. The best thing and really the only thing we can do with sin is give it to Jesus. Trust me, He is the only one willing and able to take our sins. John¬†said, “And you know that Jesus came to take away our sins, and there is no sin in Him.” [I John 3:5] Jesus not only took our sin, He took the blame for our sin. I can die for my sins and so can you but our death will accomplish nothing. Our death will not atone for our sins, nor the sins of others. With Jesus, it is different: because He never sinned, He was qualified to be a human sacrifice and the only one that God the Father would accept. So He literally took all our sins, shame and guilt to the cross and had them crucified, put to death, once and for all.

So spiritually speaking, it is good to admit your sin. If you are progressing in your sanctification, you should have a growing awareness of your sin and wretchedness. It encourages me to see that David was as frustrated, perturbed and sick of sin as I am. When someone asked Charles Spurgeon what the greatest desire of his heart was: he said, “To be free of sin.” There is nothing healthy about pretending that sin is not a problem or that you don’t commit them. At the same time, we must see ourselves as Jesus sees us: redeemed, righteous and unstained. Understand, our righteousness is in HIM, not in ourselves.

The world doesn’t understand and they pick up on every flaw. The world does not have a high view of those who preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Paul said, “Sometimes I feel like a prisoner of war, being lead through the streets as a spectacle and considered by those watching to be worthless scum condemned to die.” [2 For. 4:9-13] The world will never give us credit for the good we do but they will pounce on every hypocrisy. If you want the applause of the world; you will have to forsake your call to preach the gospel.

I digressed which is nothing new: the point is–we need to confess our sin and give them to Jesus because we cannot manage our sin or carry the guilt without it hurting us. We were not designed to carry guilt.


Got to go get lab work this morning so I can’t eat or drink. The moment my mind tells my body that it cannot have a certain thing; it begins to crave the certain thing.

I hope you have a great day. Thanks for reading the blog.

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