The Arrogance Of Tyrants


I will punish the world for its evil, and wicked people for their sin. I will put an end to the pride of the insolent, I will bring down the arrogance of tyrants.

~Isaiah 13:11, NET



~Keith Blackwood

Gretchen Esther Whitmer, are you familiar with the name? She is the governor of Michigan and she is giving them hades. She has become a tyrant defying not only the electorate but the Michigan Supreme Court. Her extreme leftist tactics in regard to the Chinese Virus has crippled the state and she is turning a deaf ear to all who plead for mercy. Instead of governing…conducting the affairs of state, she has become a rulerone who has control of or dominion over the people. She is the imperial Czar of the state of Michigan and the citizens are suffering. Recently, some of the more desperate citizens made an attempt to kidnap her but not even that has tempered her zeal to make Michigan a dictatorship. Her voice is the only voice that matters: she is sovereign. I happen to know there are a lot of good folks in Michigan who do not agree with the democratic party or Gretchen. Matter of fact, I believe Gretchen will help Trump carry the state.

The thought I had yesterday, as I walked to my study, was this: Gretchen {German for Pearl} is giving us a good look at what life will be like in these United States if Biden and the dems win this election. The left has no desire to govern, they want to rule. Their intention is to squelch all opposition. This myth that these poor stupid dupes hang on to about the dems being THE PARTY OF THE PEOPLE is bologna. Hugh or Michael would call it something else but I will be nice. The democrats are not millionaires, that would be the republicans and some of them are close at hand. No, the dems are BILLIONAIRES. Party of the people my foot; they are the ruling class, the elites who live in gated communities and eat with a silver spoon. Most of them have never done a days work in their life. They are Marxist who want to rule America with an iron fist. If you think this is a joke, go to Michigan. This is exactly the model they will follow: Gretchen is one of them.

I can tell you two things about these dyed in the wool democrats who are going to vote for a democrat no matter who it is…they would vote for Castro in heartbeat. They will tell you, “My daddy voted democrat.” And when was that? Back when Jim Allen was a senator and Zell Miller was a representative. There are no bowlweevil democrats anymore; they don’t exist and the democrats are not the party of the people and haven’t been for decades. But there is a second factor: if you dig into the personal history of these people you will find that they have been on the take: they have been receiving some kind of government entitlement all their lives. Some even drew checks from the government when they were children. The party of Roosevelt bought them off with our money. They take money from us and give it to them but they don’t give us the credit, they take the credit. I know some of them who are probably millionaires and they should have to pay back every dime. You better believe they will vote for democrats, they want to keep the check coming. Killing a baby means nothing to this greedy lot; they could care less. It is all about them and their need for survival. What a stinking way to live!

I try to stay off politics but every now and then, I have to do a “political rant.” Grandma Ivy is bad enough but I sure thankful she is not as bad as Gretchen.

It has been a busy week and there is a lot going on: Pat Vanderford is have a biopsy today. I think I might have told you surgery but it is a biopsy. Brenda is really concerned because cancer runs in Pat’s family. I did slip in to see Tracy B. yesterday and she felt really bad. Please pray for Tracy, Stacy, and Gracin. Tracy did tell me she was ready to go. I also talked with Larry Slater and his problem is a bacterial infection.

We have a lot on our plate again today. We need to get our green house cleaned up and ready for the cold weather. Landon’s game has been moved to tonight. I think he has only two games left.

While visiting with Larry and Rhonda, I got to see the grand children. The first thing Hayden asks is “Are we going to have Trunk-A-Treat?” She was elated when I said “yes.” The kids are ready and excited but the adults are not: every church I know is having trouble getting adults to help this year. I don’t really think it is the virus; I think they are using the virus as an excuse. The kids are ready. On a bright note: GPBC has 42 youth signed up for the Scott Dawson Youth Camp. Is this a miracle or what! Way to go Josh!

We had to cancel the prayer breakfast schedule for this morning: Hardee’s lobby is not open. We are still looking for a place that is open early.

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