The Crux Of The Matter


 For I determined to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ, and Him crucified.

~1Corinthians 2:2, LSB


The person who gives himself entirely to Christ will never think that he has done too much for Him.

~Henry Scougal

What is the crux of the matter? The crux is the essential point in the resolution of a problem. So let us begin with a problem, the biggest problem facing humanity. What is this problem? I don’t think this is a difficult question: I can say without reservation the biggest problem is sin. If sin is our greatest problem, what is the CRUX of the matter? Everyone who follows me knows the answer: it is JESUS. It is acknowledged not only by Christians but by professional counselors that the first step in resolving a problem is realizing or confessing the problem. Vance Havner told about the man who visited a psychiatrist. He walked into the doctor’s office with his head tilted back. He had a poached egg on his face and a strip of raw bacon hanging over each ear. When the psychiatrist asked him how he could help him, the man said, “Oh, I’m not here for myself, I came to talk to you about my brother.” Obviously, the man needed help himself, but no help is available to those who live in denial. Once we admit the problem, then we can move toward a resolution.

Humanism sounds like a disease and in a way, it is. Humanism is the godless philosophy where God is removed from the center and man is inserted in His place. Secular Humanism is rooted in science, naturalism, and humanistic ethics. Of course, the problem with their ethics is that they keep changing. Each generation creates new definitions. Thus, they believe that what was wrong one hundred years ago may not be wrong today. It is a world view that does not include God, the supernatural or the authority of scripture. Humanists believe that man is the answer. Through analytics and critical thinking, man will solve all human problems. Sad, yet true, these less than brilliant folks have ignored man’s most critical problem which is sin. What advances has secular humanism had over greed? Secular humanism has really cleaned up Washington D.C., hasn’t it? I am joking. Humanism has no power to clean anything. How can you clean when you start with dirty water and a dirty rag? Let me give you an example of their ethics and fairness: it is unfair to execute a convicted murderer, but it is OK to murder an unborn baby. Humans lack the integrity to determine what is right, just or fair. There is only one justice and that is God’s. Man’s justice will always be perverted into something very unjust, and abortion is a case in point.

There is something you will not see, a woke preacher who is pro-life. They all have the same patented answer when you ask them if they are pro-life…they say, “I am, but…” That when I go to shaking my head and saying, “Oh no, there is no but, you either are or are you are not.” By the way, since there are more slaves today than ever, why do the social justice warriors ignore slavery in the present. Why are they not fighting child trafficking? Just a thought!


Well we have been fortunate, but a heat wave is in the making. So far this year thunderstorms have broken the heat waves but there is no rain in sight according to the weather folks. Of course, they don’t know. It is hump day and a busy day. God bless you. Have a great day and thanks for reading the blog.

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