The Majority Is Wrong Sometimes


The other Jews said the same thing. They agreed that the charges were true.

~Acts 24:9, NIrV


A consensus doesn’t verify truth.

~Michael Savage

It amazes me how God protects His servants: Paul was guilty of a lot of things. He returned to Jerusalem in spite of being warned by friends, prophets and the Holy Spirit not to go. He went to the Temple to take part in a Jewish purification rite and in so doing, he did not practice what he had been preaching. Christ put an end to the sacrificial system. Jesus became the one and only sacrifice needed for all time and Paul knew this to be true. BUT concerning the charges of the Jews against Paul, he was innocent. They accused him of being a troublemaker, a stink stirrer; they said he desecrated the temple by bringing a gentile into the inner courts. All of these accusations were false. The Roman commander Claudius Lysias should have released Paul. He had no grounds for his arrest or his incarceration. He should have been released by Felix and Festus. After Paul appeals to Caesar, Festus admits to Agrippa that he has no official charges against Paul but in court, the Jews kept shouting that Paul was not fit to live. The Jews kept repeating the charge that Paul had caused a riot and desecrated the temple and they were all in agreement. They spoke with one voice and it had power.

Paul is telling the truth while the Jews are lying but in this case, the lie prevails. There are many lessons from the story but one is certainly clear, a consensus does not verify truth. Sometimes the majority is wrong as was true in the case of the Israelite spies. Joshua and Caleb were outnumbered 10-2 but they were right and the majority was wrong. The liberals, because Hillary won the popular vote are claiming a consensus. They use the same argument in their case for global warming; they claim that the majority of scientist agree with their theory of global warming. So what, this majority is also government educated and on the government payroll. There are Christian scientist, independent scientist that disagree and have empirical evidence to back up their conclusions. The liberal mantra practiced by the democratic party is an old Jewish ploy, just keep repeating the lie long and loud, make your voice be heard. Do not be distracted by facts, keep your propaganda going and eventually you get what you want.

By the way: Where was James the Elder, the leader of the church? He is the one who asked Paul to take part in this ridiculous rite of purification. He should have understood that Christ is the only one who can make us pure. Where are the four men who accompanied Paul to the temple for this rite of purification which Paul paid for from his own pocket? They were Jews and eye witnesses to the truth. Their testimony would have been crucial but they are no where to be found which leads to a second point: the only thing necessary for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing. This is exactly what James and the church did, nothing.

This Day in 2000

We had a snow on the ground. Barbara James had surgery at Decatur General. Tracey Larue Callahan had her 31st birthday.

Someone asked me yesterday, “How do you like retirement?” I told them I love it, especially Saturdays. I guess Sunday is the only day that is tough for me but as a whole, I do love my life change. Thanks to June’s help, I am days away from getting into my new office. I ran the cat#5 and coax cable yesterday. As soon as Frankie gets me hooked up, I will be on line. We are going to try to get the floors cleaned and varnished one more time today so it can dry over the weekend. God is good.

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