The Sadducees


For the Sadducees say that there is no resurrection, nor an angel, nor a spirit, but the Pharisees acknowledge them all.

~Acts 23:8, NASB


The lust for power, for dominating others, inflames the heart more than any other passion.


The Sadducees were the upper crust of Jewish society. They were religious to a point but they only accepted the first five books of the bible. They did not consider the prophets inspired. They did not believe in eternal life, angels or the spiritual nature of man. They wore a religious garb but that was only for show. This very small sect of Judaism was powerful. They were filthy rich and they controlled the office of HIGH PRIEST and they dominated the Sanhedrin. Although there were Pharisees on the high court, the Sadducees were dominant. They controlled the office of High Priest, the High Court {Sanhedrin} and they controlled the priesthood and the Temple. How did this small minority control so much? They did so by being rich and powerful. Power and wealth is the mantra of the Sadducees. If either of these two things were threatened, the Sadducees became vicious. I don’t know if you have seen the movie “Godfather,” but the Sadducees are in the mold of the Corleones. They were cold and vicious men who profited from everything possible. In Jesus day, the Sadducees were profiting from the use of the TEMPLE. I am not kidding. This is why they got so angry when Jesus cleansed the Temple; it was a money-making scheme for the Sadducees. The Pharisees did not like the Sadducees but they lacked the power to stop them. The amazing thing to me is that neither party is dead. The Pharisees are alive and well and so are the Sadducees and nothing really has changed.

The Sadducees of our day are not religious but they are wealthy beyond belief. This small remnant of Jews controls the world’s wealth. They are very clandestine. You do not see them on TV. They do not run for political office. They have no care or compassion on Jews as a whole. They are not supporters of the State of Israel and they do not give to Jewish charities. They could care less about starving Jews in Kiev or anywhere else. They did nothing to prevent the holocaust and in fact, they profited from it. They have owed the bank of England for centuries and they control the wealth of the U.S. The Federal Reserve is a consortium of nine Jewish Banks. Ben Bernanke, Alan Greenspan, Paul Volcker: what do they have in common? They are Jews. The ACLU, NAACP, the Southern Poverty Law Center and many, many more civil rights groups were started and funded by these Jews. They are the primary sponsor of Black Lives Matter. Who pays these professional community organizers to go from city to city and organize protest and demonstrations. These things don’t just pop up like thunder storms, they are highly organized and funded by Jewish money. George Soros is a Jew who changed his name so that you and I would not know that he is a Jew. His real name is György Schwartz . This is an old practice among Jews. They have a Jewish name for family and friends but a Gentile name for business.

I’m not being anti-semitic which is the first thing they will claim. I am not talking about Jews as a whole, I am talking about one tiny percentile of the Jewish population. These folks don’t care about Jews or Gentiles and they sure don’t care for blacks. They literally hate Jesus which keeps them true to their profession and their primary concern is WEALTH and POWER, which they deem to be the same thing. They do not get personally involved in most cases but behind the scenes they are manipulating events. They own the media and the democratic party. They also control Hollywood. I have no doubt that their money backed Doug Jones and his sleazy campaign. He can be swayed by constituents because he is bought and paid for. They put him in office and they will tell him what to do. He is not going to change his mind, he doesn’t have a mind to change. The one thing this tiny band of rich Jews fears most in a white nationalist government. They don’t love blacks; they despise them just as they despise all Gentiles. They are the most racist group on the planet. They stir stink, they create division and unrest. This same group stirred the stink in Russia until a revolution broke out and that eventually caused the deaths of 10,000,000 peasant Jews. They promote division and unrest because their ultimate goal is to destroy the US as it is: they do not want a Republic, they are socialist slash communist.

Hitler’s tragic error was going after middle class and peasant Jews who have never been the problem. He never laid a glove on the Sadducees. They came out of the holocaust smelling like a rose and they have used it as a propaganda tool since. Why do government text books portray Hitler as a ruthless villan and Stalin in a totally different light? Because they write the books and they have a lean toward communism. Marx was a Jew you know; so was Lenin and Saul Alinsky. These people believe that the world should be governed by a small elite groups of super intellects like themselves. This is why they hate the REPUBLIC.

  • Solomon said,Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth.” Truer words have never been spoken. June asked me this morning what I was going to do and I told her, “I have no idea.” I got home from UAB late last night. Larry’s surgery lasted over 9 hours. Pray for Larry Bennich and his sweet wife Linda. Larry has one son and a special needs daughter. I think her name is Julie but I am not sure. You know how I am with names.
  • Had a good visit with Thomas Oden, Honi Smith’s dad, who is in the UAB complex at Spain Rehab. Honi’s siblings are two sets of twins. Honi is the vice-principle at Brewer and her husband Pat works for Josh Turrentine.
  • Continue to pray for Jeremy’s sister Amanda.
  • I did go to Athens on Wednesday and Maze Computer in no more: the FBI shoot them down. I guess that explains the good deals I’ve been getting. The computer here in the office came from their store and it was fully loaded. It had Windows 10 and Microsoft office–Word, Publisher, Excell, the whole nine yards. I think that it was on account of copyright issues with microsoft that they were shut down. Any who, I’ve got to come up with another solution. Please be patient with me. It will definitely be next week before I get on track.

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