Work, Work, Work


Work hard and become a leader; be lazy and become a slave.

~Proverbs 12:24, NLT


God is fulfilled in His work and we are created in His image.

~Timothy Keller

Why do we work? I guess the basic reason is so we can eat. Proverbs 16:26 says, It is good for workers to have an appetite; an empty stomach drives them on. Paul said in 2 Thessalonians 3:10, “For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.” Things have changed; our culture rewards laziness. In the old days, it was up to the church and the community to feed the poor but then our big brother, the almighty federal government took that responsibility away from us. The results have severely damaged our work force. This country is filled with able bodied people who will not work. They don’t have to work for food, they get food stamps and other entitlements. The party of Roosevelt has enabled laziness and created a new culture of slaves.

Are there people in our country who need help? Yes, of course but can the federal government properly manage welfare? NO! They have assumed a responsibility that God never intended them to have. Welfare can only be administered properly on a local level. Our welfare system has been broken from day one. Not only do we have a massive bureaucracy administering the welfare program, we are mailing checks to people who could work but don’t want to. So what we have is parasites on both ends and they are sucking the life out of tax payers. The overhead in the welfare system is astronomical. Paul Harvey said 30 years ago, “It takes the department of welfare 90 cents to give away a dime.” Listen folks, you can’t run a business with that kind of overhead. It is this huge bureaucracy that the dems have created in Washington D.C. that is fighting Trump. They are nothing but a school of blood sucking leeches.

What about us? God is a worker. Jesus said in John 5:17,
 “My Father is always working, and so am I.”  Paul said in Ephesians 4, “If you are a thief, quit stealing. Instead, use your hands for good hard work, and then give generously to others in need.” Work is fulfilling. Nothing makes me fill better than a hard days work and a sense of accomplishment. I enjoy sitting in a recliner and watching a movie or a ball game as much as anyone but I cannot do that all the time. All work and not play may make Jack a dull boy but all play and no work makes him worse. I’m for recreation and vacations but these are rewards for those who work. I have no desire to live on Smith Lake or at Dollywood. I need my garden and my tractors. Matter of fact, I wouldn’t mind having an A-John Deere to go with my collection. Bottom line: God is not lazy and we shouldn’t be either. Get involved in the work of ministry. It is more fun to give than to receive. Do something for someone else today: stop thinking about yourself all the time and help someone else. Make it a LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR DAY.


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