Christianity Without Christ


 I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting the One who called you to live in the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel—which is really no gospel at all. Evidently some people are throwing you into confusion and are trying to pervert the gospel of Christ.

~Galatians 1:6-7, NIV


Christianity is Christ Himself; He is central; absolutely vital and He must be front and center of our gospel and theology.

~Martyn Lloyd Jones {Walking With God}

I enjoy reading people who agree with me. Martyn Lloyd Jones (20 December 1899 – 1 March 1981) was a Welsh Congregationalist minister and medical doctor who served as Pastor  of Westminster Chapel in London from 1939-1968. He was labeled both evangelical and reform. I don’t know how you can be both but I have found very little in his devotional, WALKING WITH GOD, that I disagree with. I am in absolute agreement that Christianity without Christ is not Christianity. Jesus is the gospel and the gospel is Jesus. This is why I was never taken with EXPERIENCING GOD. It is too politically correct. God as a word is used generically and Jesus is rarely mentioned and when He is, He is cast as a subject to God and never equal with. The true gospel is summed up in Philippians 2, Christ Jesus, although existing in the form of God, did not regard equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied Himself, by taking the form of a slave, by being made in the likeness of men. Being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross.” Jesus of His own free will assumed the role of a servant but make no mistake, He is God. He could have called ten thousand angels but He didn’t. He did not have to die; He chose to die. Jesus was not a victim; He is and was in absolute control. He is God, equally, essentially and eternally.

I’ve been saying this for years and few are paying attention; God is a generic term for all deities. Of course you and I know there is one God but we do live in a pagan world where God is an accepted term. Every group has their god: the muslims have Allah, the Buddhist have Budda, etc. Egypt had over 200 gods and this is why Moses told the LORD, I can’t go back there and say “God sent me,” because they will say, “which god?” You can mention the term God on CNN and get by with it but I will guarantee you, they are not going to allow you to talk about Jesus. When you go to talking about Jesus, the world get jumpy. What got the Sanhedrin upset with the Apostles? You know the answer, they would not shut up talking about Jesus and His crucifixion and resurrection. They could talk about God all they wanted but they were forbidden to speak Jesus’ name. Their Jesus rhetoric is what disturbed the Jewish big wigs. Several years ago, I young man brought me a sermon on CD by Andy Stanley and asked me to listen. He was trying to help me be more politically correct I guess. It was his conviction that I was offending too many people, especially democrats. I listened to the tape. I was amazed, Stanley talked for 45 minutes and never mentioned Jesus. When he came back and asked me what I thought. I said the content is good. He didn’t say anything that I disagree with but what troubles me is that he never mentions Jesus. The young man was shocked,  “I will listen to it again because I am relatively sure he does mention Jesus,” he said. He came back a week or so later and said, “Your right, he never mentions Jesus in the sermon, only in the closing prayer.” There is no Christianity without Christ and the cross.
My question: How do you preach the gospel without mentioning Jesus?


Good day yesterday and we do praise the LORD for it. Good Christian fellowship is sweet and I love it.

My favorite story about the subject above is an old Robert Pitman story. Bod was somewhere in Tennessee in Revival and a little lady came to him toward the end of the week and said, “Bro. Bob, I guess you know we are fixing to get rid of our pastor as soon as the revival ends. “ Bob said, “Why do you want to get rid of him? Has he had a moral failure or been doctrinally unsound?” She said, “Oh no, nothing like that, he is a great father and husband and he always preaches the Bible.” Bob said, “Then why do you want to get rid of him?” She said, “Because he is hung up on Jesus. All we hear every Sunday is Jesus, Jesus, Jesus and we are tired of it.” Knowing Bob, he probably embellished a bit but you get the point. By the way, all they talk about in heaven is Jesus.


Some people get the idea that I am not pro-Israel, which of course is not true. They think I am antisemitic because I criticize the rich Jews. I am not antisemitic, I am anti-sadducee. The Sadducees claimed to be religious but they were actually secular humanist. They made up a very small percent of the Jewish people but they controlled the wealth of the nation. They controlled the Temple and Jerusalem. If you care to study and do your own research, you will not find any record of a sadducee ever being converted. If you find one, pass the info to me. They are an elite group of Jews whose god is money and power. They practice the golden rule, “He who has the gold rules.” They are like snakes or cockroaches, they do not work in the light {Open}. They are always in the shadows. I doubt if a single one was at the cross. They crave anonymity. Rarely will they run for any public office and yet they control many politicians. America has been in debt since day one. We had to get our financing from the Rothschilds. Andrew Jackson was the only president in history that got us out of debt with them, but of course, when Jackson left office, we went right back.

I am not asking you to form an opinion, but I am challenging you to look into the Rothschild family. It is a fascinating story. I will try to wet your appetite.

The Rothschild family is a wealthy Ashkenazi Jewish family family originally from Frankfurt Germany that rose to prominence with Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744–1812),  who established his banking business in the 1760s. Rothschild came up with a screwd idea, international banking. He had five sons and so he opened banks in five countries: one is London, Paris, Frankfurt, Vienna and Naples. Hitler got control of four of those nations but Great Britain and Churchill was never under his control. The Rothschild scheme allowed them to move money rapidly and to keep it from the hands of politicians and dictators and even local governments. If you will study history, you will discover that Hitler did not break the Rothschild family. He got some of their gold for a short period of time but they got it all back. During the 19th century, the Rothschild family possessed the largest private fortune in the world, as well as in modern history. The family’s wealth declined over the 20th century as it was divided among many descendants. Today, their interests cover a diverse range of fields, including financial services, real estate, mining, energy, agriculture, winemaking, and nonprofits. If you have some time, check it out.

If you want to know the truth, study carefully the book of Nehemiah. I had a man tell me once, “There is one thing about the Jews, they take care of their own.” He had not read Nehemiah. The wealthy Jew is notorious for taking advantage of other Jews such as the poor and there are poor Jews. Those who are resettling in Israel are not wealthy. Last time I checked, Israel was still borrowing money from the U.S.

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