Take Time To Be Holy


But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

~Matthew 6:33, LSB


“Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.”

~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Do you have the same problem I do? Too many things to do and not enough time to do them.The most frustrating thing for me is that I never get caught up; there is always more that needs doing. In this fast-paced high tech world we need twenty-eight hours instead of twenty-four. If the LORD gave us twenty-eight, it would not be long until we would ask for thirty-two. Our problem is not time; everyone has the same amount of time. Our problem is priorities. We get involved in mundane and trivial matters and we never get to what matters most. We occupy our time with what matters least, and we sacrifice what matters most. We have to make a conscience choice to do what matters most first. I have eight things on my to-do list for today. Some of them involve parishioners and some children and grands. There is nothing bad on the list: matter of fact, one is an act of Kindness but I have learned the hard way that I must make my time at Jesus feet the most important thing and so it comes first {barring emergencies}. Do the most important things first, then follow up with the most difficult thing or those that cost you the most anxiety.

Martha was probably the oldest member of her family and there is no mention of parents, just the three sibling living together. She took the role of the Jewish mother and ran the house. She told Mary and Lazarus what to do. I am relatively sure she was a little bossy. I am married to a Martha so I would know. She got aggravated at Mary for sitting at Jesus feet and not helping at all with dinner. When she complained to Jesus, he took Mary’s side. He basically said, “Martha, you want Mary to learn from you {how to cook, serve, etc} but actually you should learn from Mary because she has learned to prioritize. She knows what matters most.” This was passion week and Jesus was about to die on the cross. He was not worried about dinner. A bologna sandwich or cheese and cracker would have suited Him fine. Mary may have understood the coming passion more than anyone other than Jesus’ mother. She understood more because she listened more. Jesus was being blessed by Mary’s desire to share in His suffering. Mary was more concerned about Jesus and what He was feeling than she was dinner. Mary put Jesus first–Martha put dinner first. Prioritize: do what matters most first or you will find yourself at the mercy of what matters least.


Another busy Friday. Senior Adult fellowship at the POINT this morning at 11:30. If you aren’t doing anything, we would be glad to have you. We have been running 22 but we will have enough to feed 44 so come on out and join us. Its the last Friday of August and it is going to be a hot one. Brad Travis says we have 90 degree temps into the second week of September but we do have a few eighties sprinkled along the way. All in all, it has not been too bad. Have a great day and a great weekend.

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