Diamonds On The Sidewalk


But even as he spoke, a bright cloud overshadowed them, and a voice from the cloud said, “This is my dearly loved Son, who brings Me great joy. Listen to him.”

~Matthew 17:5, NLT


Treasures, like diamonds, are not normally found lying on the surface: we must be willing to dig beneath the surface to find them.

~Erwin Lutzer {No Reason To Hide, p.160}

The network news has always been skewed with a leaning toward the left but the bias of today’s media is unbelievable. I certainly did not envision it getting this bad. Propagandist use labels and heated rhetoric designed to inflame rather than to inform. They justify the misrepresentation of facts with the ideology that inspires them. Liberals cannot control people who think for themselves. If your opinion contradicts theirs, you are a bigot and racist. In 1982, a man slipped into a Walgreens Drug store in Chicago and emptied several Tylenol bottles and replaced the Tylenol capsules with cyanide: seven people died as a result. They thought they were talking Tylenol and they were actually taking cyanide. Liberals do the same thing, they switch the labels; they have taken Marxism and labeled it democracy. Social Justice does not mean social justice and Black Lives Matter does not mean that black lives matter. The problem is people are too lazy to dig. They rely on TV news and that is the worse thing they can do. Like him or despise him, Donald Trump was right on, the news is fake. The chances of hearing Don Murphy stand up and hollow roll tide, roll are better than the odds of you getting the truth from TV news.

I visited a friend in Athens yesterday who had an IMPRIMIS  and an EPOCH TIMES newspaper on his coffee table. He is very informed because he reads. The media and the current administration are not telling the truth about anything. Everything they say can be disproven by simple facts. We do not live in a democracy and never have: the US is a REPUBLIC ruled by the constitution not the majority. They hate that and they do not want it repeated. You will never hear them use the word REPUBLIC. Public schools have been teaching this lie for over 65 years and that is as far back as I can go. Trust me friend, they do not want you to read or research: they want to spoon feed you and what they are giving us is toxic, it is political poison and it will destroy the Republic and we will not end up with a democracy, we will end up with an elite few ruling the masses. At best it will be a socialist state and I suppose the worse case scenario would be a communist state although fascism is not out of the picture. Both communism and fascism will end with a dictator. Communism professes communal ower ship of property whereas fascism claims all rights to all property. The major difference is in the ideology. Communism promises a classless society where there are no rich and no poor–everyone is the same. Jesus said, “The poor you will have with you always.” We best listen to HIM. Both communism and fascism use the same playbook to accomplish their revolution and the chief implement in their tool shed is propaganda.


It got down to 3 or 4 earlier: it is up to 5 degrees right now. Our electricity went off about 5:00 I think and stayed off for over two hours so our house is cold and my office is cold. We don’t have any alternate heat. If I am living by next winter, we will get the natural gas hooked up. The water at the house didn’t freeze and I have it cut off to my building. I only remember one time in my life when it was like it is today and that was back in January of 1961 I think. I remember we got 17 inches of snow and it got down to 8 degrees. We still had a wood cooking stove in our basement and the whole neighborhood was eating at the house. Baby, it is cold outside.

We are supposed to visit today but my heart is not in it. Go to Athens tonight for the Bailey Christmas and I dread that also. I pray that the Colorado does not break down. Have a good day. Stay warm if possible.

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