Why Did Jesus Turn The Water Into Wine?


So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

~1 Corinthians 10:31, NLT


Scarcely is anything recorded as having been done or spoken by Jesus that was not designed for the good of others.

~Henry Scougal

Calvin Miller tells the story of a lady who avidly fought liquor during the temperance movement. Another, less passionate sister questioned her one day. She said, “Didn’t Jesus turn water into wine.” “Yes,” said the woman, “But I would have thought more of Him if He hadn’t.” Immediately, I thought of two things: Miller, a theologian, was probably a sipper and I am a fan of the temperance movement which gives me some sympathy for the woman who hated liquor but I don’t think less of Jesus for transforming the plain, ordinary, tasteless water into wine which is a biblical symbol of joy. That doesn’t mean that I think liquor will make you happy. Joy doesn’t come in a bottle or a can. I am reading Henry Scougal’s THE LIFE OF GOD AND THE SOUL OF MAN for the second time in four months. Henry makes a ¬†point that Jesus never used His divine powers selfishly. He did a miracle to feed the multitude but refused to do one to feed Himself. I agree with Scougal, Jesus was first and foremast thinking of honoring and bringing glory to His Father but He was also thinking of others. William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army, declined in health and in his last days, he was confined to the bed. He could not attend the ARMY annual meeting so they asks him to send a message by telegram. It was a very brief message but thought provoking. It was two words–“Think Others.”

Why did Jesus change the water into wine? It was not so that He could have more wine for Himself. I think there are five possible answers and four of them have to do with people. First, I think He did it because His mother requested it. Obviously Mary was either related to the host or a good friend and Jesus didn’t want to disappoint either. So He did it for Mary and the host. I think He probably had the guest in mind as well. I think the fourth reason he did this miracle was to teach His disciples. It was a learning experience for them. My fifth and final guess is that He did it to glorify His Father. Jesus never did miracles to fulfill His own needs. He always did them with others in mind. This is one aspect of the DIVINE NATURE {Christ in us}; we love and think of others instead of putting ourselves first.


Great to be home and back in the office. I was driving home from a COLS in Athens a few Sundays ago and I began feeling weak and faint. I was so afraid of passing out that I pulled off the interstate into the grass. I turned the AC up and put it in my face. I called Joe David but he didn’t answer but by that time I was feeling a bit better. I eased off at the exit {565 and 65} and got on highway 20. I drove slowly and by the time I crossed the bridge I was feeling much better. Did say anything when I got home, went to DBC and preached. The I noticed that my energy and stamina were decreasing rapidly. Sunday was bad, I went straight to bed. Went to Danville and preached but Monday evening it was the same thing, faintness and no energy. Tuesday, June and I went to see SOUND OF FREEDOM. By the time I got home, I had a splitting headache so I went to bed. Wednesday I came home from the office at 10 feeling exhausted and very weak so I canceled my appointments and went back to bed. June intervened and insisted I go to the ER. I didn’t really want to. I wanted to rest, study and go preach. We hadn’t been in the ER long until I realized I wasn’t go home, at least not that day. This is the providence of God. My heart rate was so slow the ER doc was startled. I told him, it is always low, but he insisted I stay and see a cardiologist. Long story short: Mt BP med was lowering my heart rate. It got as low as 33. When your heart rate is that low, you are not getting enough oxygen to the body. The good news is that all my heart test were positive but the rate was the problem. So they kept me for two days to get it regulated. I am not saying that I am totally fixed or that it will not happen again but I will say it is much better for now and I am thankful. I will also say this: the CRMC was fantastic. Everyone was good to me and the doctors were superb but I want to take my flight from home. I intend to do all that I can to stay out of the hosptial. If that means a low sodium diet, so be it. Thanks for all the prayers and visits. It is great to be home.

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