The Answer Is Jesus


Then beginning with Moses and all the prophets, He interpreted to them the things concerning Himself in all the Scriptures.


The Bible is our HIM book, it is all about HIM.

~Adrian Rogers

I love reading the prophets, especially Isaiah. At the conclusion of chapter 59, Isaiah gives us some astounding prophecies that have been fulfilled in Christ. Isaiah 59:20-21 states…
The Lord says to His people, “I will come to Jerusalem to defend you and to save all of you that turn from your sins. And I make a covenant with you: I have given you my power and my teachings to be yours forever, and from now on you are to obey me and teach your children and your descendants to obey me for all time to come.”
  • The LORD will come to Jerusalem–He did that through Christ and the incarnation.
  • He will save those who repent–turn from their sins.
  • He will make a new covenant–its a done deal.
  • He has given us His power–the Holy Spirit.
  • He has given us His teaching–Sermon on the Mount and the gospels. {Bible}

Everything God the Father does has Jesus in mind, Paul said to the Colossians, God created the whole universe through HIM and for HIM. Paul said to the Romans, All things were created by HIM and for HIM. God does nothing a part from His Son. This is a spiritual law and there is no deviation from it. Zionism is focused on the nation Israel which is why it is a false religion. God may use Israel as His servant but the world is coming to Jesus. God will exalt Him before all mankind and every knee will bow to Jesus not Israel. We talked about this last Sunday in Bible Study. The Jews were prone to worship the shadow and ignore the substance. They worshipped the Temple that was built to honor the name of Yahweh. The Temple was only a shadow of the real Temple to come. The real Temple is Jesus. He said, speaking of Himself, “Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up.”

It infuriate a lot of Jews when you make Jesus the focus instead of the nation of Israel. These Jews believe the Gentiles will become their servants as they rule the world. Actually, they pretty much rule the world now but it’s not going to stay as it is now, Jesus will bring justice and peace and He will rule the world with truth and grace. The problem for the Jews is their hatred for Jesus. The Jews despise the one Jew we love most. Less than 1% of Jews are believers in Christ. No ethnic group on earth hates Jesus more than the Jews. They worry about antisemitism but they are antichrist. They hate the One Jew who will rule the world.



Sorry I am late this morning. I had one of those headaches and didn’t go to sleep at my regular time but when I went to sleep, I slept good. The head ache is almost totally gone. June and I got my office put back together so I am tickled about that. Mrs. Willowdean Sandlin was promoted yesterday morning about 4:00 am. I am proud for her because she suffered this last three months. Before she got sick, she was all over the nursing home, visiting other inmates. She reminded me of Mother in that she loved her kin folk. Her service is Friday but I don’t know the time. Lance is going to call later today. This makes three departures for Grace Point this year: Sam Cowart, Dewayne Bennich and not Mrs. Willowdean.

Have a good day and thanks for reading the blog.

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